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  1. OliviaB

    Week One

    So, I wrote my post in a hurry because I was about to leave for work. I just re-read it and realized how it sounded....
  2. OliviaB

    Week One

    It has almost been a week since I was diagnosed with Celiac and became gluten free. I have been managing pretty well...
  3. Tonight is going to be my first time cooking a gluten-free meal! Up until now I have been eating boiled eggs, salads...
  4. OliviaB

    Newly Diagnosed

    Just to clarify, I meant the feeling better might be "in my head" at first. As in, I might be thinking I'm feeling a...
  5. OliviaB

    Hattiesburg, Mississippi

    I am very new to the gluten-free diet and Celiac Dx, so thanks for the info! I had thought there was no hope in going...
  6. OliviaB

    Celiac Means No Coffee?

    I just found out I had Celiac Disease yesterday and can't have gluten. Then today I see the headline Celiacs Means No...
  7. OliviaB

    Newly Diagnosed

    Right now, as weird as it sounds, I am most worried about having time for a gluten-free diet. While fruits and salads...
  8. OliviaB

    Newly Diagnosed

    LoL Thanks. At the moment I don't really know what else I need. I'm sure I will have plenty of more specific questions...
  9. OliviaB

    Newly Diagnosed

    Wow thank y'all! This is very helpful! Thanks for such a detailed response, IrishHeart! I hope my grocery stores have...
  10. OliviaB

    Newly Diagnosed

    I just got diagnosed with Celiacs yesterday. I am still feeling very overwhelmed by the whole thing. They called me at...