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  1. Mom2J112903

    Is This Celiac Or Ibd?

    She can have BOTH or just an IBD, which honestly it sounds like she has and that is the proper dx. My son's entire GI...
  2. Mom2J112903

    Tmi Stool Question

    Yes I would and have done scopes on my child because of GI issues. Based on your daughter's symptoms, a scope will provide...
  3. Mom2J112903

    Accidental Gluten-Ing, No Reaction?

    She may not be having obvious reactions but I would be shocked if there was *no* reaction after a positive blood test...
  4. Mom2J112903

    Low Iga, Possible Celiacs In 4 Year Old?

    *ANY* allergy/intolerance/disease/disorder process can and *will* affect behavior. If your body doesn't get what it...
  5. Mom2J112903

    Extended Breastfeeding & Celiac Diagnosis

    Unless Mom is gluten free, gluten will be passed via breastmilk you are correct.
  6. Mom2J112903

    Does Your Chlid Get A Fever With Gluten Exposure?

    For whatever reason my son spikes a HIGH temp, 104+ if he gets into gluten. Before we took gluten out of his diet, he...
  7. Mom2J112903

    Blood Test Show High Inflammation Pre-Diagnosis?

    FWIW my son is IBS and Celiac and still throwing an IBD around instead of.IBS.
  8. Mom2J112903

    Blood Test Show High Inflammation Pre-Diagnosis?

    Inflammation and high sed rate in combination with constipation would lead me to look more at IBDs instead of or in addition...
  9. Mom2J112903

    Extended Breastfeeding & Celiac Diagnosis

    2" of growth in a year is average. My son's bone growth x-ray was taken when he didn't grow *at all* in approx a 12...
  10. Mom2J112903

    Extended Breastfeeding & Celiac Diagnosis

    ANY malaborsoption (I know I most likely totally fudged that spelling, sorry!) problem can cause growth delays. There...
  11. I have been hearing more and more people whom have Celiac have an IBD, but then again my son has many symptoms of IBD...
  12. Thinking outloud, forgive me... If the Celia being damaged can cause nerve damage which would slow the digestion process...
  13. I am wondering how Celiac could cause DGE or other motility problems? I am very curious though since we have every...
  14. Gastroparesis will not resolve on a gluten-free diet we have DGE in addition to Celiac and other GI disorders. Celiac...
  15. Mom2J112903

    Birthday Cake

    Cherrybrook Kitchen IMHO has some REALLY good gluten-free products.