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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. She can have BOTH or just an IBD, which honestly it sounds like she has and that is the proper dx. My son's entire GI system is messed up and he has dx for every section of it actually. There is a GREAT IBD support group for parents, I can send you the link if you would like.
  2. Yes I would and have done scopes on my child because of GI issues. Based on your daughter's symptoms, a scope will provide lots of answers. Are they doing BOTH an endoscope AND a colonoscopy?
  3. She may not be having obvious reactions but I would be shocked if there was *no* reaction after a positive blood test and bx.
  4. *ANY* allergy/intolerance/disease/disorder process can and *will* affect behavior. If your body doesn't get what it needs and is attacking itself (as in the form of Celiac or any other autoimmune disorder) you are going to fell *awful*! My son, wow, we didn't realize what a personality he has until he got his g-tube (numerous GI disorders) and what the proper nutrition can *really* do for a body AND the mind.
  5. Unless Mom is gluten free, gluten will be passed via breastmilk you are correct.
  6. For whatever reason my son spikes a HIGH temp, 104+ if he gets into gluten. Before we took gluten out of his diet, he was *always* sick. Now my son had low IgA levels, so that could have something to do with the temps. Back in March he got into gluten *twice* and *both* times he had a high temp, couldn't tolerate his feeds (he is 100% g-tube fed for numerous GI reasons) and was just *miserable*. Neither my DH or I was sick and the only thing that changed was an 8yr old that thought the gluten looked way too good to pass up
  7. FWIW my son is IBS and Celiac and still throwing an IBD around instead of.IBS.
  8. Inflammation and high sed rate in combination with constipation would lead me to look more at IBDs instead of or in addition to Celiac. Also look at EoS disorders as well.
  9. 2" of growth in a year is average. My son's bone growth x-ray was taken when he didn't grow *at all* in approx a 12 month time frame. He was found to have a 25 month bone growth delay but interestingly enough he had been fairly average in height until his GI system started to really show what it can not do. He is now 100% g-tube fed (his entire GI system is dysfunctional) and finally catching up to his peers. Still a tiny man but finally growing The Pedi never thought anything of my son's growth OR GI issues but yeah, I just love the look on their face when they read the reports from the GI. We *adore* our GI and wouldn't know where we would be without him.
  10. ANY malaborsoption (I know I most likely totally fudged that spelling, sorry!) problem can cause growth delays. There are SO many different GI tests that could be done to see if there is something else going on. Have they done a bone growth x-ray yet?
  11. I have been hearing more and more people whom have Celiac have an IBD, but then again my son has many symptoms of IBD but not a formal dx so I have been looking for a connection and speaking with many different people. I often wonder if my son has EoE even though bx says no but we all now you have to get the bx in the right place ohterwise the test is pointless.
  12. Thinking outloud, forgive me... If the Celia being damaged can cause nerve damage which would slow the digestion process, that would be dymotility in the small intestine not the stomach. Yes chances are if you haev dysmotility in one area of your GI sytem, the entire GI system will be affected. My son's very first UGI shows DGE among other things we were never told about until we got the report ourselves years later. His first one was done at less than 6wks of age and the only gluten he had been exposed to was what was in my breastmilk. Although he started at birth with GI symptoms, vomited his entire feed up after his first nursing session. Nurses tried to tell me that was normal and it wasn't breastmilk but amniotic fluid. I didn't buy it.
  13. I am wondering how Celiac could cause DGE or other motility problems? I am very curious though since we have every part of my son's GI system dysfunctional in one way or another. I am always on the hunt for answers My son has been on PPIs since a very tender age but we had no choice as he was refluxing several times a day and large amts. The DGE (which he has most likely had since birth) was most likely causing some of the vomiting though because it was LARGE amts and often after a feed.
  14. Gastroparesis will not resolve on a gluten-free diet we have DGE in addition to Celiac and other GI disorders. Celiac was found before the motility issues were found for us. http://www.motilitysociety.org/patient/pdf/Gastroparesis%20AMS%20Dietary%20Recommendations%201%209%202006.pdf http://gicare.com/diets/gastroparesis-diet/ And I totally understand about the "did you poop, what kind, what color, etc" questions and kiddos not wanting to tell you or flusing before we can look. Poop is so important in this house and my son will be 9 in Nov, he hates the poop talk! Too bad kiddo
  15. Cherrybrook Kitchen IMHO has some REALLY good gluten-free products.