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  1. Unfortunately, he wants us to stay away from fructose and sucrose. I called my ped gi today and demanded I speak to someone that could help me. I received a call from the head of nursing who was VERY HELPFUL. He told me that since my son's gut was very sick they wanted to take out everything that...
  2. Oh, and I should clarify. The ped gi stated the sucrose and lactose intolerance is only temporary. For now, he wants us to wait 2 months before adding those food back in to his diet.
  3. Your questions have given me the reassurance I need to call back. I didn't realize how confused I was on the issue too. So, when we went for our initial consultation with ped GI, he stated that he wanted to do the endoscopy based on the celiac panel. He stated that he also wanted to do a test...
  4. I really need help. I'm overwhelmed and don't know where to start. We have been gluten free for almost a week since my almost 4 yr old was diagnosed by endoscopy last week. I just got a call from the ped GI's nurse that told me we need to stop lactose and sucrose. I'm ok with lactose. I know...