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  1. In Need Of Some Pals!

    We live about 45 min north of Atlanta. My son is four (not close to the ages you have) but I would love to find out where you eat and what you buy. There is also a 7 yr old girl that lives close to us that was diagnosed in April.
  2. My 4 yr old's poop was green too. When we eliminated lactose, that got better within a week. I was anxious about reducing his diet again (since going gluten free). SOME (not all) GIs will allow you to give your child a lactaid tablet before feeding your child lactose. We have switched to lactose free regular milk and lactose free yoplait yogurt. Both are very good and my son will tolerate them. However, cheese was disgusting. We choose to eliminate cheese for the meantime. It is also important to remember different food have lesser amounts of lactose - hard cheeses and yogurt are easier for those that have an issue digesting lactose. One big side effect of difficulty digesting lactose is green poop.
  3. Thanks for letting me share and thanks for the continued support. Although it is a difficult change, it is SO WORTH IT.
  4. I hope it's ok to brag and not ask a question. I'm one proud momma and other parents of kids without celiac don't understand. My son was diagnosed 5 weeks ago by biopsy. We have been gluten free for 4 weeks and 3 days. In that time he has gained 4 lbs - he had not gained a pound in a year and a half prior to this. He has also grown 1 full inch in ONE MONTH. I'm beyond thrilled. He has not had a tummy ache in 3.5 weeks. I just want to cry because I'm so happy. He has moved from the 20 percentile for both weight and height to the 50 percentile in one month. I'm so happy my child is now a typical 4 yr old. He runs and plays all day and he's not a TV junkie any more. He never asks to watch TV. Yesterday he went swimming TWICE!!!!! Thanks for all the support and tips on this site. I know I'm not alone in all this.
  5. My 4 yr old son was diagnosed with celiac 3 weeks ago. Our whole house has been gluten free for almost 3 weeks. Two weeks ago we received the call from the GI stating we needed to eliminate lactose and sucrose due to damage in sm intestine. I've since received clarity from GI to eliminate lactose and then we would assess if we needed to take out sugar later. My understanding is this is all until his gut heals. My question is... I've completely eliminated gluten (since I know his is harmful for my 4 yr old). How picky do I need to be about lactose? Am I eliminating lactose because it is causing his stomach to hurt since his body cannot process OR am I damaging his gut more? I have switched to lactose free milk and yogurt, but I see some products have sm amount of milk product. I've had to tell him "no" so often that I'm trying to make the switch as easy as possible.
  6. My son was diagnosed by endoscopy almost 3 weeks ago. We noticed a change after about 2-3 days. His abdomen was less bloated within 1 day. He was running and playing instead of sitting on the couch and watching t.v. We are almost 3 weeks in and his belly still hurts, but pain is less severe and he is much more active.
  7. Unfortunately, he wants us to stay away from fructose and sucrose. I called my ped gi today and demanded I speak to someone that could help me. I received a call from the head of nursing who was VERY HELPFUL. He told me that since my son's gut was very sick they wanted to take out everything that would trigger a reaction (and also because he tested to positive to the lactose and sucrose test - still not sure what the test is called). He told me to first take out lactose and then call him back in a week to see how my son was doing. If I was seeing steady improvement, then we could think about just doing lactose free for another week. He said that when I start sucrose, I need remove as much as possible but it's not like gluten (a little sugar won't hurt him) He told me to focus on removing table sugar and limit fresh fruit to only once every few days. I'm relieved my son can have small amounts of sugar. I just want to do everything perfect. I feel like I'm slowly getting this gluten free diet, but too much too soon is scary. I'm also feeling pretty confident about lactose free since my son drank a full glass of lactose free milk and didn't notice. Thanks for the support. This group has been so helpful through this scary transition. I can't wait for my son to start gaining weight and playing like his friends.
  8. Oh, and I should clarify. The ped gi stated the sucrose and lactose intolerance is only temporary. For now, he wants us to wait 2 months before adding those food back in to his diet.
  9. Your questions have given me the reassurance I need to call back. I didn't realize how confused I was on the issue too. So, when we went for our initial consultation with ped GI, he stated that he wanted to do the endoscopy based on the celiac panel. He stated that he also wanted to do a test to see if my son could process lactose and sucrose. He stated that it would depend on the severity of the damage to the cilia. He stated that the receptors that process lactose live on the end of the cilia as well as the receptors that process sucrose. After doing some research today, it seems like the jury is still out on if sucrose processing is an issue that could be affected due to celiac. Some say the two are linked, while others say there is no proof. So I guess I need to ask can he have glucose or fructose too. I guess I really need to question some more. I was told he could have artificial sweeteners, but I'm not excited about giving him those.
  10. I'm just getting started (about 1 week in) to my son's diagnosis. We have chosen to find regular foods that are already gluten free. Fruity pebbles, Yopait yogurt, swave shampoo, swave handsoap (some of the cheapest out there). I'm gradually purchasing those higher end, specifically gluten free products when I'm able. I'm not sure where you live, but we have a grocery store called Ingles. It is very easy to shop there and they have large brown tags on things in their store that is gluten free. I didn't realize until shopping there that the spaghetti sauce we buy (specific varitey of Prego) is gluten free and Betty Crocker cream cheese icing is gluten free too.
  11. I really need help. I'm overwhelmed and don't know where to start. We have been gluten free for almost a week since my almost 4 yr old was diagnosed by endoscopy last week. I just got a call from the ped GI's nurse that told me we need to stop lactose and sucrose. I'm ok with lactose. I know they have many options out there for lactose free dairy products. I'm overwhelmed though when I put it all together. For the past week, I have been giving him coco pebbles, yopait yogurt, sting cheese, lots of fresh fruit, pb and j sandwiches, and other grilled meats. I have been using one meal a day (typically dinner) to experiment with new gluten free breads, attempting gluten free bisquick breaded chicken, and other gluten free recipes. When I asked the nurse questions such as "can he have fresh fruit? Artificial sweeteners? How long do we need to do this?" She had to get off the phone and ask someone else all of my questions and was not very educated on the matter. I was told no fruit (which I figured) and we could have artificial sweeteners just not splenda. My son's 4 yr old birthday party is in 2 weeks - I'm guessing no cake. Also, I have recently got him to swallow his Prevacid capsule in a spoonful of applesauce - ideas on this now. We have the pill form because evidently the chewable tablet is not covered by insurance. I'm overwhelmed and don't know where to start.
  12. My son is almost 4 yrs. We had the scope done on Tuesday and got Celiac results that Friday. We are still waiting on Lactose and Sucrose tests and were told we would get those in one week from scope (tomorrow). Good luck waiting.
  13. Thanks - those seem to be close to Celiac. Those are all the symptoms (except throwing up) that lead drs. to think Celiac. Thanks for all the support.
  14. So far we were told to consult our allergist for more food testing. So I called our allergist to see where we need to start. We have started the Flovent and also Previcid. I'm not sure I know what symptoms in him look like? The nurse didn't describe it well and the internet is a little confusing. I'm like you I certainly don't want to put him to sleep that often. What are her symptoms?
  15. I just received the call that we expected. The endoscopy biopsies revealed Celiac, but also Eosinophilic Esophagitis. I was expecting the first diagnosis, but the second was not expected. We have been referred back to the allergist for more testing due to the EoE. So, I'm a little confused???? If they find that he is allergic to other things, what will I be able to give my child? We are also still waiting on results for the lactose and sucrose tests to see if we need to restrict those things as well. Does anyone have experience with the EoE diagnosis???