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I am sincerely grateful that a solid work ethic and the pursuit of excellence (not perfection) had been instilled in me by the examples I saw in my own family.

  1. Made Hubby smoked pork chops, sweet potato, and fresh green beans... I still am wheeling from pizza I made yesturday and can't begin to eat anything...
  2. ITA this is really a good post! I wake up all sweaty and froze to the bone... My bottom sheet, hair and pillow are wet...
  3. The fresh whipped cream sounds really good but I have a lactose intolerance.. I thought the flourless chocolate cake tasted like a chewy brownie... Excellant!
  4. I soaked large lima beans last night and slow cooked them today made long grain white rice in my rice cooker to go along with the beans.. It was really good... We ate the rest of IrishHeart's chocolate cake which is delicious with strawberries...