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  1. hi theres a camp for celiacs from RI or MA do you guys live around there it would be cool to see you there
  2. Hi

    hey im melly im still having problems im 13 ill be fourteen next october im alot younger then most people but i can still relate i started gluten-free at the very end of last shool...
  3. glutano choc. os sandwich cookies shrink an oreo an replace the cookie part with two brown rocks thats how they make them nevwer again i recomend never buying it
  4. i was almost 13 when i went gluten-free dont now how long i had celiac disease or that i really do have it because i diddnt sta rt feeling alot better if at all but since im growing...
  5. lactaids good i drank it w/ no problems i would be fine w/ lactose intolerance if it didnt mean no ice cream so you can tell i had no trouble drinking it by the way im back on regular...
  6. there not made w/ weat or corn there made w/ barley i think youre thinking of dextrose
  7. none are they all have carmel color in them
  8. retorical q. if i could get contamonated by crums on butterwould having a piece of toat be worse or the same
  9. thanks guys i just got back from my edoscopy and i feel awfullthanks for the support and jackie hope the blood test went well
  10. ohh no my 2nd endoscopy is tomarrow and i just ate Mcdonald's French Fries before reading <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  11. i was diagnosed but they dont know if going gluten-free helped me any so they have to do it again i know that i complain about celiac disease but what if i dont have it and have...
  12. hey kayla fist i want to say when did u get that new avatar 2ndly there is one camp that i was thnking of going to and its in rode island but i dont even know if im going because...
  13. i know what you mean i was diagnosed at the end of 6th gradeso i dont have that much experence but im 13 and it has been so hard not only do my teachers bring in food but im taking...
  14. obviosly im getting a 2nd endoscopy/biopsy im worried not about the endoscopy/biopsy itself but what if i accidentally ate some gluten some how what if i do have cieliac but they...
  15. thanks for the tips keep em commin ziggy 10 I totaly love cheese cake 2
  16. hey hey this is my first time going gluten-free trick or treating and i dont know wich treats are gluten free and i dont want to be onn the phone all week callig places please...
  17. go red sox i wanted to find out wich side you guys where on i dont mind it if you dont like the red sox this is my fist poll hope you guys vote
  18. lol thats a book my mom say it on opra or something i dont think ive seen you b4 how old r u celiac3270 do you know if rice crispys have malt or was it just the treats
  19. lol r u sure u want to share that
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