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  1. I live in Minneapolis now and the gluten-free offerings are abundant and I know where all of them are but am now moving...
  2. Do you use a glass baking dish or a metal one? confused new cook here
  3. I a copying this down, thanks! I never really learned to cook (diagnosed right before college) and I'm trying now, this...
  4. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  5. bremac

    How Stupid Am I?

    I'm so sorry! And you are not alone. I posted last week about this same thing, you gave me deja vu! I thought I was...
  6. bremac

    Illustrated Cookbook?

    Thanks for pointing me to the blogs! I've had celiac for 7 years...but am just starting to learn to cook and bake for...
  7. bremac

    The Blood Type Diet Scam!

    I will add my 2 cents to distract myself from my horrible gluten poisoning.... I remember learning in med school about...
  8. I am glad you are recovering. I felt pretty good yesterday apart from the D but this morning I had horrible "heavy"...
  9. bremac

    Blood Type

    A+ here! I think this trend of Os might just be because that is the most common blood type....
  10. Hmm, are you allergic to Aspirin? IF you are I would think you would be allergic to the Pepto as well, but otherwise...
  11. I never get emails telling me when someone has replied in a threat I started or after I post in a topic I also don't...
  12. I am just starting (at the old age of 25, how pathetic) to get back into cooking and baking. I haven't done much since...
  13. I am jealous that you can tell right away! I usually feel perfectly fine until 3-5 hours later when either vomitig...
  14. The D started today as someone predicted it would Not too bad though and I've been eating a bit, mostly jello and broth...
  15. Not rambling! I actually feel kind of encouraged knowing other people have similar reactions, weird as that may sound...