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  1. Skittles


    Anyone diagnosed with candida and like to share your story with me please?
  2. Thank you! quote name="cyclinglady" post="877300" timestamp="1372527587"]Day 5, go back to Day 1. If you find the...
  3. I bought a book teaching me about rotation diets but I have a question that I didn't see in the book. So I know you eat...
  4. Skittles


    I really ,ales me very angry that my naturopath knows I am diagnosed celiac and tried to tell me that I can handle eating...
  5. I have read that most celiacs can tolerate spelt. My naturopath has also said this. What do u think?
  6. Oh really? Are they just the basic tests do you know? (Like dust and cat dander and things like that) .. Or is it like...
  7. Anyone in Canada get this testing done? Just wondering what company you used and how it went for u? Also wondering how...
  8. Skittles

    Do Celiacs Have A Harder Time Getting Pregnant?

    This is all very helpful information! Thanks everyone
  9. Skittles

    Do Celiacs Have A Harder Time Getting Pregnant?

    So how long were you on the gluten free diet before you had your first child?
  10. Hello, my fiance and I plan on getting married and two years and we plan on trying for children right away. I will be...
  11. It seems like I have become intolerant to more and more things since I have been diagnose. I have stuck to a couple main...
  12. No she 100% said to take them in the morning without food. and yes it was digestive enzymes because I even asked her...
  13. My natropah doc ttold me to take digestive enzymees in thee morning without food. ddoesnt this just seeem to defeat tthhe...
  14. I made myself a cold pasta salad for lunch today. I really missed pasta because I can't put tomato based sauce on it...
  15. For me it relieves a lot more belching but also some flatulence sometimes. I think it is more so meant for belching though