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  1. Here is my 2 cents: I agree that you really have to listen to your body. I have done a considerable amount of research into the vegan lifestyle (for ethical/health reasons), but have given that up since my body was rejecting it. Many of the veg foods have gluten as a base, so that eliminates a lot. Plus, I don't do very well on beans, seeds or nuts, so I would be extremely limited. What I have figured out the past few years is that I do well on a higher protein diet...and that includes meat, but no diary. I have picked up the Paleo Diet (especailly after reading The Paleo Diet for Athlete
  2. Hi Josh, As far as I know, it is gluten-free. I have taken Nitric oxide before with no problems (and I am extremely sensitive to gluten). However, I didn't really look into whether the company produces other gluten containing ingredients (possibility of cross-contamination). Might want to look into that if you are considering making it a regular supplement. There are a lot of companies out there, so you will likely have your pick. Other than that, NO gives a great pump. Enjoy. Heather : )
  3. Hi Mike, As far as the recovery, I would recommend eating immediately after your work outs. The faster the muscles get replenished, the quicker the recovery (I sometimes bring a few dates with me to the gym). Have you read the book by Brenden Brazier called "Thrive"? I met him a few weeks ago....such an amazing athlete. I have also tried Vega. The like the plain/original flavor the best. I sometimes found it difficult to get down if it wasn't in a smoothie...the hemp has a gritty texture. The bars are also very good - - lots of nutrients and calories. Around here, they sell for $3.99
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