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  1. Hi all, We will be flying in from California with my 3 year old daughter, who has celiac. We will be landing in Newark around 7pm and am planning on making a trip to Whole Foods to stock up for our week in the Poconos. A real meal after spending the day on the plane and at the airport would be great. Wondering if anyone has experience with any restaurants near the Newark airport. I'm very unfamiliar with the area. Thanks!
  2. Thanks so much for your reply! I just looked up the cafe you mentioned -- it says it's over 40 minutes away from where we will be! I didn't realize the Poconos area was that large. (Excuse my ignorance). We're going to be in Dingmans Ferry, which I understand is a very small, desolate town. Any chance you might know of anything closer to that area? It's near Milford, PA. I'm really looking forward to our vacation. I'm glad you have so much positive things to say about the area.
  3. Hi everyone, We will be spending a week at a lake house in the Poconos later this summer with my 3 year old, who has celiac. It will be our first time in the area. I wondered if anyone had any store or restaurant suggestions anywhere in the area. We are flying into Newark, and I was planning on stopping by a Whole Foods in NJ to pick up supplies on our drive up to the lake. But I would love any insight other travelers who are more familiar with the area might have. I haven't been able to find much online other than a pizza place in Milford, PA. Thank you!!!
  4. Hi all, I'm hosting my daughter's 3 year old birthday party from 10a to noon in a few weeks and was hoping for some food suggestions. It's the first party I'm hosting since her celiac diagnosis. There will be about 15 kids and 25 adults. So far, I've thought of doing a fruit salad and a make-your-own-granola bar w yogurt, granola and a few berries. I was also going to bake some blueberry muffins. I'd appreciate any other ideas you all might have. Thanks very much in advance!
  5. Our GI, a celiac expert, said constipation takes the longest to go away on a gluten-free diet, up to 6 mos at least. It's been 5 mos for us and whenever I try to decrease my daughter's Miralax, her constipation returns. Our GI also said that her constipation could be unrelated to her celiac. Not very encouraging for us. But wanted you not to worry if you haven't seen any changes in that department after 8 days.
  6. Do you mind me asking which doctor you take your children to? I've tried 3 pediatric GI's in the LA area and haven't found anyone who seems particularly knowledgable about celiac. As a result I've been taking my daughter to see a pediatric celiac expert in San Diego but would obviously love to find someone closer. As to the original post, I'm constantly worrying about my child's poop too. For awhile her poop was very pale and I had read that it was a bad sign but her GI always responds that color doesn't matter. Not sure how much I buy it.
  7. That's very interesting about the vaccine. But requiring a formal diagnosis would keep people like my daughter from getting it. She's not yet 3 and her bloodwork came back positive. Her biopsy was negative. A celiac expert in San Diego told us that 2/3 of kids with positive blood work will develop celiac within 2 years if they keep eating gluten. She recommended we get my daughter on a strict gluten-free diet if we wanted to play it safe. So we did. I'd hope that a vaccine would still be available to those whose biopsies are negative but have had positive antibodies to gluten... In any event, how wonderful it would be if they could find an effective vaccine. An absolute dream come true!!
  8. Hi everyone, My daughter's class is having a hot chocolate party on Tues and the parents have been asked to bring finger foods. I'm not much of a baker but wanted to make something gluten-free that would be tempting enough for my daughter so that she wouldn't notice all the gluten-y baked goods. I'd love any and all suggestions! Thank you!!
  9. Sorry I don't have any suggestions but wanted to say my daughter has been gluten-free for 5 mos now and also takes laxatives (milk of magnesia in our case) and still only has a bowel movement once every 2-3 days. I was really hoping going gluten-free would help w her constipation but it doesn't seem to have made a difference at all. And like your son, she's a very picky eater. I feel your frustration!!
  10. Thanks for all the replies, everyone! Happy to report that yesterday went very well. But it probably really helped that all the other kids got mini cupcakes and she got a regular size one -- so if anything, she lucked out. My friend was very thoughtful and used that big cupcake along with two smaller ones as the cake that the birthday boy blew out so that my daughter felt like her cake was just like the others. Oh, and I had packed some pink sprinkles that my daughter loves and she really enjoyed adding that to her cupcake. We have one more birthday party to go this weekend and two more in mid-Dec. And then all those holiday parties. Hopefully I'll feel better once we've conquered the Christmas season. I really like the party box idea! I could put her sprinkles jar in it and a few other things to distract her when others are eating their cake. Thanks! PS: I know that in the grand scheme of things, her not eating the same cake is a minor issue. But it still annoyed me when my friends told me to relax and pointed out that she was fine. It's easy to say when it's not your own kid who is affected!
  11. This may seem silly but I'm feeling very anxious because we're going to a close friend's last minute birthday celebration. It will be the first time my almost 3 year old confronts eating different cake from her friends. I had time to run over to the store and get a ready made gluten-free cupcake. And luckily I have frosting left over from a cake I made for Thanksgiving. Hopefully she won't mind that her cupcake looks different. I tried mentioning beforehand but it backfired, she told me she wanted a cupcake just like the birthday boy's. I'm hoping once she's in the moment she'll be happy enough w hers. I'm sort for rambling. Just felt like the only people who might be able to relate to my anxiety would be you all. I know this will be the first of many birthday parties. And I can't help but feel sad for my daughter. But I will try to stay positive for her sake! Thanks for listening...
  12. Still waiting for one to open in LA! (I'm not counting the raw food restaurants because we're on the gluten-free diet for my 2 year old daughter's sake so those raw food places won't cut it). We go to the gluten-free bakery about once a week for fresh bread and cupcakes. Wish they'd sell sandwiches too.
  13. Thanks, everyone. That list is very helpful. I feel silly for not having googled before posting my question. I thought I had read that candy canes were usually off-limits in the early days when I was reading up on celiac and never bothered to follow up - just assumed the worst. I'm so happy that there will most likely be tons of variety from which to pick. Yay! And to those of you brave enough to make your own, definitely sounds like a fun project. I may even try it. But knowing my skills, the homemade variety may not do very well against the commercial brands in terms of appearances. Thanks again, all!
  14. Hi everyone! This will be my daughter's first Christmas on the gluten-free diet and she's already talking about candy canes. I know most are off limits. I was wondering though of people had experiences from years' past - will I be able to find gluten-free candy canes in places like Whole Foods or health stores? Or do I need to plan ahead and order some? This is all assuming they make gluten-free candy canes. If not, my daughter will be devastated. (Being only a toddler makes it extra hard to exercise self control). Thanks!
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