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  1. I had an awful experience with Dr, Jeffery Hyams... He is a pediatric GI doctor who is unwilling to accept the fact the there are millions of people with gluten intolerances in our world. He decided becasue I was 13- 14 I was at that age where eating disorders developed... He wouldn't take into account that everytime I put food in my mouth I was doubled over in pain or that I was an athlete who loved to be outside and play soccer. It wasn't even a doctor who cured me, it was a nutritionist. She took one look at me and said "you have the coloring of someone who would have a gluten intolerance... have you ever heard of a gluten free diet?" It had been 4 months and -16 pounds so I was ready to try anything and sure enough the pain became to subside after 4 days and was completly gone within 2 weeks. To say the least I blame the fact that I still don't have an appetite souly on Dr. Hyams. If he wasn't so willing to write me off with an eating disorder my intestines wouldn't be so damaged and have to take so long to heal. I want to start going to a doctor who would understand considering my last experience with GI doctors was so terrible, but I'm not sure who....
  2. What mouth washes are gluten-free and safe to use??
  3. I just got Trix yogurt made by yoplait and the lable says gluten free, which is great! I just want some feedback on yoplait products being gluten free.. can i trust them to be safe???
  4. hey want to talk? lol

  5. Some of my favorite titles: 1. Prophecy of the Sisters (trilogy) 2. Book Theif 3. Tiger Moon 4. If I Stay/ Where She Went 5. Hunger Games (of course!!)
  6. My dads buisness has decided to recognize him for his 25 years of hard work, by sending us to Atlantis!!! Although I am excited about the vacation, I am also nervous about travling and staying gluten free. I am very sensitive and experience severe pain when I ingest gluten so I do everything possible to stay away and keep to being gluten free. I was wondering if anyone has been to the Bahamas and had a gluten free experience that they would be willing to share with me... Are they accomidating there? Are there safe gluten-free food options? What are the resturaunts like with gluten-free orders and accomidations? Basically what should I be prepared to face and/ or enjoy?? Thanks!
  7. My family and I are planning a trip to Hershey this August. I have been doing a lot of research on their gluten free option(I am very careful and haven't really eaten out at any kind of resturaunt since being diagnoised last September)I am really nervous about trusting other people when it comes to handling my food. I was hoping to get some feedback on other's gluten-free experiences in Hershey.
  8. Im not sure what happened to my original post.... I asked about the wipes and then it was gone with just "......" Anyway, I really appreciate what you said about being too careful. I often don't listen to others and just do what makes me feel comfortable even if I know that I sometimes go too far. I dont like taking chance and even if others think my precautions are crazy I try not to listen and do them anyway. My parents are starting to think that Im being obsessive over how causious I am, thats why I had mentioned being unsure of my careful ways... As for the wipes it would be for "better safe than sorry" perposes....I dont touch gluten at all (and in the rare occassion that I do, I scrub up to my elbows atleast 3 times with a lot of soap and water) Thanks!
  9. It depends on your sensitivity...I was about to use some body wash with wheat protien in it and when I realized what was in it I washed it off and rewashed with a different (gluten-free) product. I thought I was fine but when I dried off I was itchy and when I looked at my leg(only place that actually had contact with the wash)my skin was red and bumpy with a horrible rash. I read all my health care products now before getting to the register.
  10. rml97

    gluten-free Hershey Experiences

    Thank you so much! - I will definately let you know if I have any other concerns over Hershey. Its good to know that you have know some chefs in Hershey. Getting questions answered by those actually preparing the food (or atleast someone who kknows the chefs preparing the food) makes me feel so much better!
  11. Do you know if wipes, like Wet Ones, would be a better option if I can't get to a sink?
  12. Thank you so much for this information! I alway use soap and water before I eat and purell only to make sure Im still clean.....I guess I was just wasting a lot of time and purell on that....
  13. rml97

    gluten-free Hershey Experiences

    Going to Hershey in August and am staying at the Hershey Lodge. I have had great experiences at the Lodge, but this is my first time going as a gluten free guest. I have read that the staff all over Hershey is well educated on gluten free as well as other allergies, however the gluten free menu for the resturaunts say that the kitchens are not a gluten free enviromnet. Im not really comfortable with trusting that my food will be completly gluten free. Has anyone had there food....? Any reactions?? Any advice???
  14. I'll have been gluten free for a year in Septemeber. When I have gluten my reaction occurs within 10 minutes of eating the stuff and I'm in severe pain for at least 3 days. I'm crabby and irritable because of how uncomfortable I am. I wish I could just take a nap and escape the discomfort for a few hours but the pain is so intense that it makes it nearly impossible to fall asleep no matter how tired I am... I only eat certified gluten free food that's made in a dedicated gluten-free facility so I have no idea how I am with cross contamination, but with every other aspect of ingesting gluten I am super sensitive. I am hoping that with time my reaction wont be so bad, but I have heard mixed experiences where the pain subsides for some or stays just the same for others......
  15. I was just diagnoised with a severe gluten intolerance in September; I turned 14 in October. I became so sick and am now VERY careful. I always have purell with me and use it before putting anything near my mouth. It took so long to find out what was wrong with me and in the process of not nowing I lost a lot of weight and had to stop ALL physical activity. 2011 was the worst summer of my life! So I completly understand what it's like to have to try and explain what it means to be gluten free to friends and family, some are more willing to listen and try to understand than others... My grandmother has been super supportive and so had my parents and sister her boyfriend even looks out for me when it comes to gluten (his mom even made me a batch of gluten-free brownies...although I was too nevous to try them. I wasn't sure how careful she was about cross contamination, but everyone else seemed to enjoy them). My reaction to having gluten is almost instant so I do everything possible to stay gluten-free. One way that I have found helpful to explain my reaction to gluten is explaining to people that what happens when I have gluten is nothing like a peanut allergy or anything like that. I don't get hives or anaphylactic shock.... When I have gluten everything is internal, you can't see it happen, I can just feel it........ Relationships with me are pretty much non-existant... Now that I'm gluten free my parents have officially allowed me to start dating purley becuase they know there won't me any kissing. I don't even let my family get anywhere near me without brushing their teeth and washing their hand after they have gluten, nevermind a boy...