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  1. I'm one week off gluten (again) after my brief gluten challenge, and I am just NOT hungry. I've been forcing myself to...
  2. I started out optimistic and positive about eating gluten-free, based on the immediate and significant benefits I received...
  3. As a newbie, my friends are nice enough to keep buying me packaged, processed gluten-free stuff, but I'm starting to...
  4. Guess I'll just keep on not eating gluten and feeling better!
  5. My doctor at least believes in gluten sensitivity, so he told me not to eat gluten if I do better off of it. Truthfully...
  6. I have to keep in mind how miserable I was eating gluten. It was so not worth it. I also don't want to test the theory...
  7. heathenly

    Stupid Family

    I understand why it bothers you, believe me. There's not a whole lot of wiggle room with apathy and abject despair. ...
  8. heathenly

    How Many Do Whole Foods Only?

    Preaching to the choir. I'm just under 5' tall. My 15 lb weight gain has been devastating. But cutting out wine??...
  9. heathenly

    Being A Girl Sucks

    I'm really hoping that a good chunk of time without gluten will straighten my PMS and periods out some. Another bad...
  10. heathenly

    Nervous About What To Say When Ordering

    I just discovered the Find Me Gluten Free app, and I think it's a good starting place. I had my first "special ordering...
  11. heathenly

    Stupid Family

    I hear ya. I think others in my family may have gluten issues to go along with their other autoimmune issues, but the...
  12. I'm a week in-- can't wait for 40 days! Congrats on the new you.
  13. Nope. Feel great. Just waiting for that increased energy that I had last time I went gluten-free.
  14. heathenly

    Calling All Cat Owners

    Hahahaha! I bet!
  15. heathenly

    Calling All Cat Owners

    Your visit is probably over, but: Zyrtec. The only one that ever worked for my cat allergy. Hope you survived!
  16. heathenly

    No Appetite

    How weird-- I just posted this same topic in the "coping" forum. I'm one week gluten-free too, and have no appetite....
  17. That sounds like something I can handle! I have to stop waiting until I get shaky before I eat something...
  18. Because my doctor, right after my endoscopy last Friday, had me call in to make an appointment for two weeks out. I'm...
  19. Yikes. I'd make them call me, for that kind of drive.
  20. heathenly


    Wow, I hope the ones in Tucson are so accommodating! Would love a veggie and rice bowl!
  21. I should stop lying. I never had cheekbones.
  22. heathenly

    Awkward Dinner Moments

    Yeah, I'm worried I'll stop receiving invitations out to eat because of the difficulty (both real and perceived) of finding...
  23. heathenly

    How Many Do Whole Foods Only?

    Looking online, I don't see much agreement as to what constitutes "whole food," so I'll just stick as close to unprocessed...
  24. heathenly

    How Many Do Whole Foods Only?

    Hmmmm, I hadn't been thinking of things like oil, salt, pepper, etc. as processed foods. Guess I need to read up!
  25. I haven't eaten gluten since the night before the endoscopy! Good to know! Guess I'll see the dr in a week, then.