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  1. jlaw

    Dermatitis Herpetiformis?

    And also, since I am a new expert on lichen planus, I would suggest you do some image searching of that as well, because...
  2. jlaw

    Is My Biopsy Wrong?

    Thankks Bartfull, but I guess I'm looking at it from the other side. What if it's a chance I don't have DH? I think it...
  3. jlaw

    Is My Biopsy Wrong?

    Lyn is it possible that you could have lichens planus?? Adalaide I've not heard of gene tests being inaccurate. Have...
  4. Hi friends, I have been in and out of this forum for a bit and now wanted to update you on the latest twist. After my...
  5. jlaw

    "severity" Of Dh/celiac?

    Hi Krystal, just the description of what happens sounded exactly like how my DH started and felt. And I'm not sure about...
  6. jlaw

    Light Sensitivity

    heat, humidity and sweat...absolutely make the itch worse. I mean if you're sweating, the salt goes into any open lesions...
  7. jlaw

    Dyshidrosis Connections?

    lol!! You sound like my mum, and of course you are right. Hubby and I have decided to slowly start transitioning out...
  8. jlaw

    Dyshidrosis Connections?

    Squirming did you look this up for me? Or are you just a dermatology whizz?? Either way you are so lovely. Thank you...
  9. jlaw

    What Would You Do?

    although if you had a sympathetic doctor, the genetics test and your own observations may be enough for a diagnosis?...
  10. jlaw

    Dyshidrosis Connections?

    *sigh*. Thanks. Hate the whole guessing game. Dr's visits not so straight forward here. Feel so often I'm on my own.
  11. Grrrr. After having to figure out my son's skin and all that mental stress, my dear daughter (nearly 6) has popped up...
  12. jlaw

    Does Dh Always Itch?

    Mine only itched to the point of insanity while I was still consuming gluten. Once I stopped, it's like an itch that...
  13. jlaw

    Dh Article

    Hi friends, I have been sent an article on DH, written by a dermatologist who has coeliac disease himself and specialises...
  14. jlaw

    Hair Loss With Dh Rash?

    Oh I have just started to notice this too...never occurred to me they were connected. Everytime I brush my hair, more...
  15. jlaw

    Does Dh Have To Blister?

    Hi Jenn, my DH comes in many different forms all at once. Some of them are not blisters at all but still definitely DH...