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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/24/2018

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  1. Is This Anyone Else?

    As I read these posts I feel so thankful it's not just me.... Don't get me wrong, I would never wish this hel* on anyone. I spent so much of my life feeling like this was in my head though...... I didn't realize until I was a teen that something was wrong. Nothing made sense at school and I was hurting all the time, and so much of the time I couldn't explain what even hurt. I even resorted to self harm as a teenager and even as an adult at my lowest moments... I so badly wanted someone to make me better. After being in a fog of depression and pain, I spent 5 years REALLY sick, getting worse everyday until this last year when going gluten free and finally getting a diagnosis of celiac disease changed my life. I am thankful for my new found wellness, as I have never felt better. I grieve greatly for all the pain and missed moments and lack of memories this disease has caused. My beautiful 13 year old daughter texted me from school this morning, she needed some information for an assignment.... She needed to know how old she was when she walked and what her first word was. I am the kind of mom who would know that information off the top of my head, regardless of the fact I have 5 children. I was SO sad.... I guessed, good thing she can't remember either I understand now healing is a process that involves more than just my gut.
  2. Is This Anyone Else?

    I am so moved by your post!! I can relate, most of my life was in a fog.
  3. It takes me 1-2 days to react most of the time. The previous poster's thought of it being a more minor CC that takes a couple days to show up is my thought as well. I am careful not to consume direct gluten, but suck at being lax and eating out and taking the chance of CC. It is hard that it takes a couple days to show up, it makes it harder for me to pin point what made me sick.
  4. WOW! Ollie's Mom, that was beautifully put....."Slowly dying seems harder than changing your diet" LOVE IT!! Can I steal it?
  5. I know a handful of friends with chronic pain and fibromyalgia that have found NO solution to pain relief. I always tell them about how sick I was and that my life changed in a matter of days due to going gluten free. It still surprises me that they choose not to try a gluten free diet. It is a natural remedy to try involving no narcotic or brain numbing medicine. please convince your friend to try it. Good Luck
  6. man Megan, this sounds exactly like me.
  7. Little Balls For Bowel Movement

    I agree completely!!
  8. I have been gluten free for almost a year. I was pretty laxidasical about glutening and have had my share. I recently felt so crappy my doctor told me I really had to get serious and cut out all the cross contaminations. Well this weekend I was SO careful while dining out but did have quite a bit of dairy ad holy cow, I felt like crap and my stomach was grossly bloated after. My point here is that I still feel crappy quite a bit. Days of indigestion as you describe and reflux.. I think I am sensitive to other foods, particularly dairy....but also corn, and other grains. I agree a food journal is a great idea if you can keep one!!
  9. Gluten Neuropathy

    Celiac can be very hard to diagnose I had been sick for 5+ years. I didn't present with the usual symptoms so no one picked up on it. I have been scoped but the G.I. wasn't looking very hard and was looking for something SO out of the ordinary it didn't return any results. After being in and out of the hospital for much of last year I was desperate and went gluten free. It saved my life. My stomach symptoms are stomach pain and constipation. And those symptoms are the easiest ones to deal with. My doctor diagnosed me celiac because of my inability to maintain vitamin levels and off of symptoms. I get HORRIBLE brain fog, sadness, fast heart rate, and achey muscles when I have had any gluten or even have been cross contaminated. It doesn't matter what they call it, the diagnosis is the same. Have your vitamin levels been checked?
  10. Hello I have been feeling VERY achey for the last couple weeks. I went in and spoke with my doctor and told her my concern about my vitamin levels. She warned me that my complaints sounded like I was being cc. She did run my vitamin levels. My B was fine. She just emailed yesterday my D was low normal at 31 with the reference range being 30-80. She suggested increasing my d supplement. But now I am left wondering if I am so achey because of my d? Is that level low enough to cause aches and pain and fatigue?
  11. Extreme Constipation

    Try magnesium citrate. Works EVERYTIME. It sounds like you are so uncomfortable that an enema might be in order also. Step one: get cleaned out
  12. Can you recall a potential glutening that happened prior to the pain?
  13. OMG! This is crazy!! I was hospitalized with what sounds like a similar attack back in July. I was doubled over in pain and my pancreatic enzymes were off the chart when I was admitted. They diagnosed pancreatitis. whats the treatment for pancreatitis? I.V and no food by mouth. They started an I.V and started pumping fluids through me...12 hours later my levels were normal. The hospital staff poo pooed my questioning of them if this could be from a glutening. But, they also said they couldn't explain it. Normally a pancreatitis elevates your enzymes for weeks. I saw my doctor for a follow up and she said while it didn't make sense it TOTALLY could have and probably was glutening I had that night that caused it. In my mind that had to be it! Hope you feel better soon! I had my gallbladder, appendix, and a total hysterectomy before being diagnosed celiac because doctors could NEVER explain my belly pain. Be really careful about cc
  14. Thank You Frieze, I do see a really good therapist, sometimes once a week. I am learning how to be stronger and stick up for myself. Sometimes s$#& happens, I get that.....I am working through the amount of trauma that I endured and am also learning how to stand up to those around me, including my own family, to protect myself. This support group is a great step. Knowledge is power! I didn't know that about Keterolac, unfortunately I call the shots usually at my clinic, which can be a good thing and a bad thing. I just knew I couldn't stomach anything with the current condition of my stomach. I have a great doctor who is very good and I have already established a good relationship with. While she is not a celiac specialist or a G.I. doctor, she listens. I found when seeing a G.I. doctor, it just frustrated me more to see a G.I. with no celiac knowledge. Luckily, there is nothing medically I need other than to balance my vitamins. The rest I can do on my own.
  15. Pegleg84 and SMDBill, Thank You SO much for your kind words. They truly touched me and have given me the confidence I need today. I am going in to the doctor at 4:15 to have my vitamin levels drawn. I am not sure whether it is the vitamin B or D level that is low as last time I felt this crappy they were both low. I am having so much muscle pain I asked them if they could give me an injection of catorelack (sp?) as they suggested ibuprofen every 6 hours and I was like, I'm not even tolerating my soup broth well right now, don't think my stomach can handle that. Again, thanks......your kindness is SO much appreciated!!