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  1. I believe that indoor/outdoor cats don't live very long because of the elements outside. My cats are indoor cats but i have a screened in pool area and they go out there. but they can't go really outside its almost like they are looking out the windows with a screen. I feel if the cat is tame you should keep the cat inside away from the elements. Barn feral cats is a great idea you are saving cats from being killed and they are solving your rodent problem. its a win win situation.Just make sure you fix them you don't need any more babies. I LOVE your idea....
  2. Are Smucker’s® Fruit-Fulls™ Pure Blended Fruit Gluten-Free? Smucker’s® Fruit-Fulls™ Pure Blended Fruit do not contain gluten-based ingredients. However, it currently has not been verified gluten-free based on criteria established by the FDA. I have a question about Smucker's ingredients. Whom should I ask? If you have specific questions about the ingredient facts of our products, please contact our Consumer Relations Department via email or at 888-550-9555. This is what i found on the suckers website FAQ. I hope this helps.
  3. I am in the central florida area and i found this Thai food restaurant that the food is amazing. It called Sake its in Orange city FL. I also love Joe's Crab Shack the servers were great and the food is fresh.
  4. Pet Milk is an old brand of canned milk. Its their name not to be used for pets. The company was started in 1885 Here is the history Its really very interesting. http://www.petmilk.com/history/
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