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  1. Good Morning! I had my 5 year colonoscopy/endoscopy and was told they found a polyp. My follow up with my Gastro is in May - and of course I decided to Google Polyps and now I am freaked out. I am 43 with Celiac and also IBS - anyone else have a polyp? I know the best is to wait to talk to...
  2. No....lots of cherries can equal bathroom time I have done that before! Sometimes if I drink it I do bloat, even sometimes after water I bloat! what a world!!!
  3. You are probobly right about the calories! I just sometimes find it a pain eating on the go or when I am out for the day....I have started Ensure plus calories. You sound like you are having the same struggles like myself!
  4. Thanks Ravenwood glass, I did read recently to try Ensure plus calories, I looked it up and it is gluten free. I may give that a shot in between meals. Especially if I am out and a bar just wont cut it. I have ate enough bars! I am glad I am not alone. I read your story and I am so sorry you...
  5. I have been on a strick gluten free for almost a year now. After close to 30 years of being sick I was willing to do anything to get my life back..My 1 year scope is this September and I am looking forward to hearing I am healing and on the right track.....(fingers crossed) but I am having a difficult...
  6. Celiac seems to has taken a toll on my teeth. Constant root canals, brown spots, lines on them, cavities .... just horrendous! It does not help that I am terrified of the dentist! I get terrible anxiety, get all sweaty and have been know to cancel appointments....yup I am a dentist wimp. Does anyone...