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    Mexican food, crime T.V., my two Shih tzu puppies, family, friends, and job as a psych RN
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    Racine, WI

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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I miscarried 9 mo. ago, twin girls, at 7 wks (my first pregnancy ever, not planned), am...
  3. Thanks kess for the website. I just had a miscarriage and logged onto this referenced...
  4. My doctor's nurse ordered my one year follow-up labs wrong, and instead of testing me for...
  5. The entire line of shampoos and conditioners by Tosca are gluten-free, I can buy them at...
  6. All Crisco oil/shortning is gluten-free, and they make vegetable oil. I buy Canola oil...
  7. Hang in there Kim. I was really an emotional train wreck (on the inside) after my initial...
  8. I love Food For Life Brown Rice Bread. It's sweet and dense, but really good! --Kelly...
  9. I haven't had a chance to try the beer that you mentioned above, but I recently have begun...
  10. I developed a terrible rxn/tolerance to alcohol after going gluten-free. I was always...
  11. I've been strict gluten-free since 2/2004 and I notice (looking back) a slight depression...
  12. I can relate to being tired all the time. It has gotten noticably worse for me since going...
  13. Anyone out there from Racine, WI? --Kelly Langenfeld Diagnosed 2/2004 blood & biopsy
  14. Try calling your local Walgreens pharmacist and ask them to help you find the contact number...
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