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  1. Ooooh yea I almost forgot, as one of you brought up thyroid is another thing I have suspected. I had a TSH test a year or so ago as well but according to my studies on "stop the thyroid madness.com" THATS not accurate either as something called reverse T3 and reverse T4 is what should be tested instead.Im too chicken to tell a doc what test I want, I feel like Im trying to tell them how to do thier job or something so I think Ill need to order the tests myself just to put my mind at ease but yea Ive got alot of thyroid symptoms as well. Im in the cant lose weight for nuttin group, low temper
  2. Yea I agree with both you guys. I need to reevaluate everything again. I have been extremely careful with my food but now I am starting to think it could be cross reactivity or maybe even CC . At first I thought the idea sounded a bit crazy that I could be picking it up from household utensils that have had gluten on them as did my family but Im really starting to rethink things.As far as my diet there for a while I cut it ALL out because im almost for certain I have leaky gut. I wasnt eating gluten soy,dairy, eggs, nuts or grains of any sort .. even no nightshades but then it just got all to
  3. I just realized I that I didnt copy and past my actual number , it was 4.1 which seems pretty low right? 4.1 Reference range: <20 Unit: U/mL (Note) Reference Range: <20 Negative 20-25 Equivocal >25 Positive
  4. Hi Notme,I did go to the docs, well actually she was a nurse practitioner. Unfortunately she didnt seem that informed about Celiac/ gluten sensitivity and I wished I had waited to see a gastro doc. I believe she ended up running the same test that I had already had ran about a year ago that came back negative. I mentioned that I had been on a gluten free diet for almost two years and she said ,well now that I think about it Im not sure if our tests are that accurate in picking it up if youve been gluten free for that long. She said she had never had anyone who had already went on the gluten f
  5. Okay what I’m about to ask is probably does sound a bit crazy or at least desperate but has anyone ever used nicotine products to control their celiac/gluten sensitivity symptoms? After quitting smoking a few years back I began having some pretty severe issues with gluten. I went on the gluten free diet so I was never able to obtain a diagnosis but every time I accidentally get glutened, some of my worst symptoms are severe depression and anxiety. I also immediately get this ball of acid in my esophagus and stomache and hardly feel like eating at first, which is then followed by days of wantin
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