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  1. Donna, I'm on round 2 of going gluten-free. Round one told me I am gluten sensitive per the diagnosis, but when I went back on gluten (gluten challenge recommended by my GI) it took a long time to see symptoms again. But here I am again with identical symptoms, which for me is confirmation that the...
  2. After 25 years of marriage, all I can say is that love finds a way. If he truly cares for you, YOUR interests, feelings and health will be top priority. After all, you're only fun and happy when you are safe and healthy. His job is to make sure you are all those things. If he's not living up to...
  3. I may be one of those people the OP gets frustrated with, but my trip through wondering if I had celiac or a sensitivity to gluten taught me a lot. 3 years ago (I think), I went through some terrible intestinal trouble and a host of other symptoms. I avoided the doctor and tried to figure it out...
  4. Joanie, I'm not sure it helps any, but there are a few restaurants that go through extensive certification processes to be able to serve gluten-free foods with high confidence in their safety. I'm not at all suggesting you should change your feelings or stop protecting your daughter in...
  5. Before gluten-free, yes sometimes even heavily. After gluten-free it only showed signs the one time I've been glutened.