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  1. I've noticed people are like oh so just dont eat wheat and you're fine? They don't get the pain and the reactions to it or the long lasting effects. I enjoy responding the a stupid comment with one in return I probably would have used a stupid voice and repeated the comment then paused and said oh ya i do. I found this funny clip from one of my favorite comedians today, he is one of us now. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDh_cTOive8
  2. Ok I have to ask, are we upset because we think the others are being rude or the fact we can't eat like we once did? The fact is this disease is still very understood. I'm new to this and explaining to everyone in my life about it so they can understand about what I need to do, but it is unrealistic to think the whole world is going to stop for us. I'm in upper management and one of my stores had an amazing week, so when I went there I bought them lunch to celebrate, when I asked them what they wanted they all looked at each other and asked what I could eat. I said no, what do you want and they said pizza...........so I bought them pizza. I cannot expect everyone around me to change for me or feel bad for me since I can't eat like before, nor do I. I do have rules in my home location such as my computer and phone is not to be used by anyone else to avoid contaminating it, but I'm not gonna sulk around my co workers for them eating foods they can enjoy and I can't.
  3. Hi everyone I have been gluten free for about 6 weeks, and the pit in mt stomach pain seemed to fade away after a couple of week. But yesterday its started to return and is worse today. I have been very careful and don't think Ive ingested any gluten. Can the pain just relapse?
  4. Made some pork chops using Red Mill pancake mix as flour so I would have some coating for frying them, and a good helping of baked beans.
  5. For snacks I really enjoy Glutino pretzels and pretzel sticks, Most Zehr's/Metro/Canadian superstores carry them.
  6. I haven't had any reaction to the Activia yogurts .
  7. I am completely exhausted by evening to train, I may have to try lifting in the AM to see if I can get it done, I've been tracking my nutrition using fitday and am having a hard time getting enough calories in now being 3 weeks into gluten free.
  8. I'm only just starting week 4 of being gluten free, but have had fatigue issues for over 2 years since my back injury, I can sleep an entire day away, if I didn't have to be at work I would be sleeping. I'm ramping up the vitamins now and hoping for some positive changes soon.
  9. M-Rods

    Man, Do I Feel Stupid!

    So any porous type utensils should be replaced? I'm only starting my 4th week gluten free, there is so much to learn.
  10. M-Rods

    Losing Weight, Help!

    As stated above healthy fats including snacking on nuts or nut butters will help add on some good quality calories. Best of luck
  11. wow fantastic recipes here, time to get my apron on
  12. M-Rods

    Gluten Free Carb Source

    For pre/post workout there is nothing like white rice for quick carbs.
  13. Great to hear!! Im 37 and only a few weeks gluten free, I'm hoping for some increased energy and recovery so I can get back to weight training.
  14. M-Rods

    Very Hard To Lose Fat

    Some good advice here, early 40's, can't gain muscle or lose fat, ask about your testosterone levels.
  15. Hi everyone, I'm into my 3rd week gluten free after my diagnosis. I've also been in a middle of a move so cooking has been a challenge. So McDonald's Big breakfast , hold the english muffin.