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  1. this is a really interesting thread for me. ive been having trouble with my eyes for over 4 years now. it started with what i thought was recurrent conjunctivitis. then one day my eyes were completely dark red and i went to the walk in center . the doc there sent me straight to the eye hospital...
  2. hi, just had another thought on the matter- i wonder if the manufacturer of the sausages has modified the recipe recently - maybe you could email them. sometimes its easy to get hung up on the gluten. even though they were gluten free they could of added a new herb or spice to the mix - its just...
  3. hi dont know if this helps or not, i dont have any gastro problems at all - but i had the most horrible symptoms one night after a meal at my friends house. this was before i went on the gluten and dairy free diet.i retried everything i ate that night - it was the coleslaw!!! ive put it down...
  4. hi, no children but thought id just comment, my results came back negative but i know ive got a problem with wheat and dairy. the only thing they found during my tests was reflux. ive been slowly weaning myself off gluten and dairy over the last 2 weeks. didnt get the meds the doc recommended...
  5. hi my symptoms are very similar to yours, my results came back negative but i think im wheat intolerant . if you think you are celiac you really shouldnt be following a gluten free diet until you have had all your tests done. if you start to heal your tests can come back negative!!!...
  6. hi im new here, as yet undiagnosed and to be honest i think its gonna come back negative for celiac. but heyho, im commenting coz i too have noticed my eyesight going weird . i thought i needed to accept that at my age lol, i had to succumb to the fact that i needed glasses. even though my eyesight...