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  1. hi thats really interesting. i wouldnt say my skin was yellow ,just a slight light tan. its odd coz sometimes i think it looks darker, then others times lighter. i was thinking that its my eyes and im not focusing properly. ive got an appointment next week though so i should get some answers.i think my triggers are tomato,s and chocolate. both things i shouldnt really be eating. tomato,s (nightshades) chocolate (dairy) really need to do an elimination diet because im just not getting anywhere at the moment.
  2. hi thanks for answering. do you know what foods triggered your rash? are certain foods a trigger or is it different foods for different people? i think tomato,s and chocolate affect me especially my eyes - they go really bloodshot. im not happy about taking medication because i was thinking of trying an elimination diet an im not sure if it will affect it.
  3. well update on my derm appointment, face rash is rosacea, palm rash is pompholyx eczema, weird knuckle growth is benign knuckle pads-nothing you can do about it. the "tan" thing he,s going to check again when i go back in 8 weeks and when i asked if the rosacea can affect your eyes ( coz ive got an appointment next week)he basically said no. so why can you google ocular rosacea then!!!!! anyway got some antibiotics, a gel for face, steroid cream for hands (like i havent had them before) and some baby wash to use instead of soap. so i,ll give it all a go. whats a few more weeks???
  4. hi looked at symptoms , id say 80% were right but its the skin colouration im not sure about. it says you get patches of darkened skin and its most noticable in the creases - like on your palms, knuckles,knees. theres nothing like that at all. anyway ive got my fingers crossed for friday
  5. got derm appointment on fri so hopefully i,ll get some answers about it then. not sure about the addisons didnt quite add up.
  6. this is a really interesting thread for me. ive been having trouble with my eyes for over 4 years now. it started with what i thought was recurrent conjunctivitis. then one day my eyes were completely dark red and i went to the walk in center . the doc there sent me straight to the eye hospital. went there 4 or 5 times and they didnt really know what it was, had loads of antibiotics and steroids. in the end a woman doctor told me to stop wearing makeup. i didnt go back after that.stupid i know coz they,ve been dry itchy and blood shot ever since. i knew it was something i was eating but never narrowed it down,thought maybe it was dairy. never thought of the nightshade veg (peppers,potato,s, toms ect) ive been kinda avoiding them coz i think potato,s cause my joint pain and toms and peppers make my face rash flare up. ive finally got my derm appointment through ,i go next week and im goin back to the eye hospital within the next month. hopefully i,ll get some answers this time martini- have you thought about makeup if you use it. or your facewash ,shampoo ect. there have been many discussions (arguments) lol on here abt how careful you have to be with the avoidance of gluten. it depends on sensitive you are i think. when i first had problems i bought new mascara and eye pencil to see if they were causing infections.and stopped lying under the bathwater with loads of bubbles in it. just realized im assuming you are female coz your called martini but the same thing goes for man stuff too. i changed my makeup to gluten free - it hasnt made a blind bit of difference to the face rash -back to the drawing board!! i second what tbolt said about the food diary - i never started one and regret it. if i dont get any answers from these appointments i,ll have to start one. good luck in finding out what it is.
  7. thanks everyone, this is something ive noticed for a while,sometimes it looks more tanned than others and because ive had a bit of trouble with my eyes (not yellow by the way) i kinda thought it was the lighting or i was imagining it. i,ll check out all the ideas thanks. i have mentioned it to the doc and they did ring me this morning to do another urine test. they have already checked for diabetes - going about that one tomorrow so im assuming they are checking other things maybe kidneys?? anyway thanks, ive got some reading to do...
  8. hi this has been happening for quite a while now,but sometimes im not sure and i think im just imagining it. so some background- i absolutely hate the sun, if its sunny im usually in the house. i would never willingly go out in it unless absolutely necessary. the sun feels like its burning my skin and hurts my eyes.it makes me feel physically sick. friends joke that im half vampire!! - my skin colour is naturally pale. but im sat here typing while admiring my light golden tan. the problem is its making me look really healthy and friends and family cant see what im going on about. ive googled it but can only find things about how to lighten your skin or how to use false tan. has anyone else experienced this. its all over as well- not in patches, although my legs are paler than the rest of my body- but they never saw the light of day anyway! not sure what to think of this- is i a gluten problem, deficiency problem, malabsorption? anyone got any ideas thanks.
  9. hi from what i gathered pre diabetic means im definately on the way to being diagnosed with diabetes. my mum already has it. all my tests have been negative. so no celiac although i know i have a problem with it. my mum on the other hand has all the auto immune diseases associated with celiac and is being sent for a camera down the throat by the doc.shes having problems with her throat and hes checking if the problem is further down to her stomach. shes being very sneaky about it and not telling us much.i think its because ive been mentioning celiac to her and now shes a bit worried. im feeling a bit mean at the moment because im hoping that they do a proper check on her and take biopsies and find celiac. it would just explain so much within the family. god i feel so bad now for saying that. anyway whatever happens i just hope shes ok
  10. look up palmoplantar pustular psoriasis. i think i have this on my palms. its not as bad as some of the pictures show and i dont have it on my feet. ive had it for 16 years and im still undiagnosed!!!! got a dermatology appointment - at last- next week. mine doesnt itch, its just unsightly ,annoying and painfull when it flares up and the skin flakes and cracks. the docs have just given me steriod creams - dont work!!!! let me know what your dermatologist says an i,ll do the same. it would be great to find out what it is after all this time
  11. hi everyone this is interesting because i was just gonna start a thread on diabetes. after all the negatives ive received, i just found out ive got to go see the nurse at docs because im pre diabetic. i didnt realise there was a connection to celiac. not even sure what pre diabetic means . ( mum has been diagnosed with it though) guess thats another thing to google now.
  12. hi bartful great minds think alike i forgot about the newbie 101 thread - think i might have another read of it. it can only help.
  13. hi there, try not to worry too much, a lot of people go through a withdrawal period when they first give up gluten. this could be the cause of your pain. the other explanation could be contamination. sometimes people react to tiny amounts of gluten more severely once they have cut it out. recheck all the foods that you are eating- make sure they are absolutely gluten free. have you checked/changed all your cooking utensils,pot and pans are you sharing your kitchen with other gluten eaters? your symptoms are very similar to mine, although ive been told im not celiac. its difficult at first - you,ll make lots of mistakes ( we all have). all you can do is persevere and do your best to make sure everything is gluten free. you may also find that you cannot tolerate other foods- dairy most probably. but make gluten your first priority. wishing you well - keep going - it will get better
  14. thanks for your reply my employer is absolutely not understanding. i go in for the results of the disciplinary on friday. i do have the union to help and ive got an appointment with the doc,s. i was thinking of asking her if she could write a letter explaining whats going on. not sure if it would help though
  15. hi, didnt know where to put this thread- so hope its in the right one!. im having big problems at work. disciplinary,s because im not " performing" the thing is out of all the testing ive had done everything has been negative. not celiac, no allergies, no lupus. im at the end of my tether , what can i say to that?. ive got no comeback as to why i cant think straight and my heads in a mess. the only thing thats been found is vitamin b12 deficiency - level was 138. im stressed out enough without all this added stress. has anyone else had this problem, if so how have you dealt with it?
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