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  1. My child was DX at 18 mos. His father was told he had IBS, was never tested for Celiac, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that he does...His mother, the MIL talks about the fact that "oh he always had yellow runny poop" Wouldn't you get this checked out? I don't get it... My son never had a formed stool, never gained weight, dark circles, I said "no something is so wrong." His father refuses to be tested, won't change the diet, refuses to admit he is affected and it makes me crazy. He suffers..But my child won't.....
  2. My 4 year old son has been gluten free for 2 and a half years..Positive DQ2, negative antibodies.He had never had a formed stool from the day he was born, always diarrhea.He has had dramatic improvements since being gluten-free. My question is now we have Immunolabs antibody testing/Autism panel drawn and the testing comes back negative for wheat and barley, positive for oats! My husband and I are now completely confused. Is it that he has been off of these grains for so long that he is no longer producing antibodies.?..I would never return him to gluten..his dark circles have disappeared, his gut has healed. I don't understand these results and his DAN Dr. didn't add any explanation. He also tested reactive to citrus, cheese, and RICE!!! Now what do I feed him? Rice flour has been the alternative,I guess now I have to look for other grains, potatoe flour, tapioca etc. Has anyone ever heard of a child reacting to rice? Could this be a false positive!! Just when I thought I had my little man's diet down, we are hit with this!!!HELP!!! Thanks for any input... Andie
  3. Oh My! I'm sorry to say I know far too well about this denial and frustration for the family. My husband REFUSES to be gluten free, refuses the bloodwork, the testing. He has now developed thyroid disease, suffers from 10-15xs a day trips to the bathroom, mood swings, depression, you name it...He has had diarrhea his entire life, now he is developing other diseases from his stubborness. There is nothing more I can do or say.. My toddler was diagnosed at 18 months. I'll be damned if this disease will affect my young son's life. My son had a diagnoses of Autism until he was gluten free..the spinning, the fogginess, the diarrhea GONE. It took one simple blood test. I hear your frustration, you are not alone...
  4. My Toddler has Celiac, and his father has Celiac, was diagnosed with IBS. My husband refuses testing, the gluten-free diet. He thinks he can eat some gluten and stay away from other foods. He blames the spagetti sauce when its really the pasta, he has every excuse in the world to deny it. No one can convince him, we dont try anymore. Point being, sadly I can relate to your dilemma. Loving someone who refuses to heed the warnings, see the disease as treatable with a diet change!! No drugs, a diet change! I gave up trying to understand this, it is just so frustrating
  5. My husband has Celiac and my son I have with him has not been officially diagnosed but is on the spectrum. My son also has Celiac. Do I believe there is a connection, there is no doubt in my mind. I beleieve it is a complex immune/autoimmune/ gut imbalance disorder. I have two sons from two different marriages one without Celiac or Autism and one with. My son with Celiac had a reaction to every vaccine given and has had numerous viruses/illnesses. That brings up another immune theory and the ability to excrete toxins/metals/viruses(measles etc) It is very complex,but there is a distinct gut brain connection.
  6. I was tortured for years and infertile because of severe endo. I have been through the gamet of testing and treatments ranging from ultrasounds, Lupron, Laser laporoscopies etc. I had suferred with this for over 20 years until in 1999 I saw an MD who specialized in alternative medicine. He used Indoplex otherwise known as Indole 3 Carbinol in a capsule form. It is dervived from cruciferous vegtables such as broccoli and cauliflower. I took 400mg day x 6 months. It works as an antiestrogen much like Tamoxofen, it alters the pathway of the so called bad estrogen that we produce out of the liver. Well the treatment was nothing short of miraculous, for the first time in 20 years my pain almost resolved and my endo was arrested. Within 8 mos. I conceived and my son is now 2and a half!! I had spent thousands of dollars and countless visits to a reproductive endocrinologist who was never able to do what Indoplex had done for me in 8 mos. I still take it everyday. I might add that I have a husband and son with Celiac.
  7. There is no doubt in my mind that my sons previous undiagnosed Celiac was being labled as Autism, Sensory integration dtsfunction. The behaviors all reappear when hes had inadvertant gluten.I believe in some children the Autism is diagnosed and it is undiagnosed Celiac.
  8. I have a new toddler since the diagnosis of Celiac and being gluten-free. I was being told he was autistic, spinning, screaming, biting, limited eye contact. My sons behavior now is nothng short of remarkable. There is a gut-brain connection.
  9. Your dilemma sounds so very similar. My husband has Celiac wont follow the diet. My toddler who I breastfed never had a formed stool had indigestion, reflux, poor sleep, speech delays, behavior issues etc.. I had him genetically tested he tested positive for DQ2. I placed him on a gluten-free diet and within 4 days he had the first formed stool of his life. The changes were dramatic. I just wish I would have gone gluten-free while I was breastfeeding I just didnt know at that time. I know now and thank God I figured it out because if I were to have left it up to his Pediatrician he would still be sick. Good Luck and follow your instinct!!
  10. Ugggh!

    My church nursery is where my toddler gets gluten all the time. He was stealing the snacks from the other children and it wasnt being monitored. Hes 2!! I now have to have him in the baby room because he is not able to grab snacks from the other toddlers. I have offered to be in the nursery. It is then that I will educate the staff about the importance of food allergies/intolerances and Celiac disease. I can relate to this frustration.
  11. It was 4 days for my toddler. The dark circles started to abate, he started to gain weight and fill out within 2 months. He doesnt look pale anymore!!! I was severely anemic after his birth so everyone kept saying "you think hes pale and anemic because you are!"Thank God for a mothers intuition..The improvement was quick and dramatic.
  12. That was enough for me. A positive genetic test, the DQ2. When I heard this about my 2 year old who hadnt had a formed stool since birth, I started the gluten free diet that day. My toddler is a different child. It sounds like your daughter had positive genetic testing.I know it is harder at this age. My other son who isnt positve is 11 and I know it would be all together different for this age child to begin gluten-free but she will feel better and know the difference...
  13. I am going gluten-free after my testing is done next week. My husband wont go gluten-free? He has Celiac. I dont bother with his unwillingness and stupidity. I have just been focused on healing my 2 year old, who has recently been diagnosed. Having a gluten-free house is the best way at least for me it would be....
  14. My toddler had never had a formed stool. Everyone in the family was saying oh we had to put him in the tub/shower" he had diarrhea up his back spilling over the diaper." I said no way is this ok somethings wrong... I breatfed for the first year so I thought it had to do with breatfeeding but when it continue into the second year I knew something was going on. I also kept making comments to family that he looked pale, with dark circles under his eyes, thin. I was anemic after he was born because they had cut my bladder during the cesearean so I had wondered if he might have anemia because I was severly anemic but my familt kept saying hes fine he looked okay. I wasnt convinced. my instincts were telling me something with him.Hes been GFx 4 months and Ive finally seen a weight gain even though the pediatrician never picked it up and said he was 50 percentile for weight. His hemoglobin was slightly abnormal 4 months ago not too bad but I think we caught it early. I was a nurse and had remembered the signs and symptoms from learning about Celiac in school and my son was beginning to fit this picture. Now his dd thats another story. when we were dating I remember him almost not making it to the bathroom. 10-12 trips to the bathroom a day. He said he was told he had IBS. I thought this poor guy. Then his mom tells me hes been like this since he was an infant! Go figure? Whats up with my MIL? Now since my childs diagnosis hes having a hard time running from the reality of his problem. We shall see. I just wish he would go gluten-free/ I would it would be better for all of us...
  15. Our Ped GI said Flinestones? There has to be a better multi for kids that is gluten-free. Ive been on the hunt as well. Havent found one yet....
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