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  1. DD7 was just diagnosed in May Her symptoms: As a newborn she had a bm every 10 days until we started solids. Still "not constipated" from then until 15 months with a bm every week. Was very gassy & had a vibrating bassinet to help her sleep. At 15 months she started becoming very constipated. BMs every 1-2 weeks & very painful for her to pass. Started 1 capful of miralax daily. X-rays revealed a gut full of poop but nothing else. Ped referred us to GI after 4 months of miralax & no improvement. Saw GI at 18 months. Negatives celiac blood work. Mag citrate colon cleanse. Still on miralax, but colon cleanse does its job & she's now regular. After 2 years on miralax & a colon cleanse every 3 months, we're told it's all just ibs. And we don't need GI anymore unless she has a problem. She was 3 1/2. From then until she was 6 1/2 we had her on & off miralax, and needed to have her on a schedule with verbal reminders for bms. If no oe said anything she'd go a week without one. Sometime in kindergarten she started having headaches. By the start of first grade she was getting sinus/ear nfections nonstop...we were wondering if she needed a 3rd set of ear tubes. She was complaining of joint pain & randomly having upset stomach. By mid-Dec 2012, dd was very nauseous 4/7 days a week. Thought it was the flu but then it kept going. Brought her to ped late Jan 2013 & sent for GI X-rays. Her clon was enlarged & full & told it was her ibs. So back to colon cleanse & miralax. But she was still sick. By mid-Feb we started keeping a food diary because we were suspicious. Got a referral to GI after she threw up at Bed Bath & Beyond after eating a scone. Bloodwork in April confirmed our suspicions; dh & I cried tears of joy because we were getting scared of what else it could be. One month later we got the results of her biopsy. Since going gluten free a month ago, no complaints from her. She's lost 1 1/2 inches in her waist & lost that awful wheat belly + skinny leg look.
  2. Hi! Newbie here Where to begin...labwork for 7 yo dd came back last Friday & tested positive for celiac. Hooray! She's had gut issues since birth so we were so thankful to have a reason. Unfortunately, we started pulling her off gluten a month ago (because we didn't know any better, and she was missing too much school) while doing a food diary with her to figure out why her previously dx'd IBS was so out of control (and why her "stomach flu" wasn't going away even when all she was eating was saltine crackers & chicken broth!). So when the GI called & said she had celiac, she said we needed to put dd back on gluten & so we could have a positive biopsy. Ugh. Not thrilled, but it's my own damn fault. But she never said how much I had to give dd...I keep reading anywhere from 2-6 slice of bread a day. But I'm assuming that's for an adult. Dd is 50 lbs, and doesn't eat that much. How much gluteny food do I need to give her? Her tTG IGA ab was 42 (normal <7) if that means anything. Dd is smart too, and has already accused me of giving her gluten! Which I'm totally guilty of doing, since there's no way she'll eat it now that she knows it's what made her sick. I even offered to let her eat cinnamon rolls every night & she told me "no way!" TIA for any & all help
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