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  1. I aways thought those were just from dry skin...
  2. Most Indian food is safe because they don't use a lot of flour. I like chicken korma personally. Just don't order naan or samosas. Pakora are okay because they're made with chickpea flour.
  3. I'm from NH originally and so Margarita's is a staple in my family. You should try the Queso Fundido, it's amazing!
  4. Hi Susan, I too am very anemic. My doctor recommended taking a vitamin called "Vitron-C." It's gluten free and contains 200 mg of ferrous fumarate (iron) and 150mg of vitamin C. I take 3 a day and I special order it through my pharmacy (Target). The vitamin C is supposed to help you absorb the iron. I'm sure you're already aware that iron supplements can be hard on the system (they make you constipated) so I take docusate sodium with it. I'm going to switch to a regular fiber supplement soon though because I don't like the idea of depending on laxatives. Good luck! Steph
  5. I see Dr. Canan Avunduk in Melrose, MA. Dr. Gary Levine at Dartmouth Hithchcock Medical Center in NH diagnosed me though. Both doctors are great.
  6. This is going to be graphic, apologies everyone... I just went through this over New Years weekend. I'm only 25 so in the world of colonoscopies, I'm still a kid. I don't know what kind of prep your son has been assigned, but I was required to drink "Fleet phospha soda" which is a clear, citrus "flavored" saline laxative. I mixed it with gingerale and chased it with straight gingerale. Honestly it was gross and was REALLY hard on my stomach but the flip side of it was that I had no desire to eat I was afraid that if it didn't come out one end, it would go out the other. As for the pooping aspect, I was okay (on gingerale and water) until I ate lime jello. By that time (evening) I was a little sore so the jello made it worse (citric acid maybe?). The only relief I found was from Kleenex Cottonel wet wipes and Vaseline. Normally doctors offer concious sedation for colonoscopies, but I was aloowed moderate sedation which is a little heavier than concious but not as bad or dangerous as general anasthesia. I slept through the whole procedure. I recommend asking your doc for that, especially with your son being so young. Good luck, Stephanie
  7. You can also get the Bare Essentials-Bare Minerals makeup at Sephora. There are several BE stores as well. I know there's one in the Delta terminal at the Atlanta Airport.
  8. I watched it last night. The show is called "Mystery Diagnosis" and it's on the Discovery Health Channel. I think it was the first segment of the show. It told the story of a little boy who was really sick, he kept having seziures and they had no idea why. His mother had celiac disease but her doctors told her it was "rare" and not genetic so not to worry about her family. Well, low and behold, it turned out that his problem was in fact celiac disease but he had atypical symptoms. He had no GI problems at all. I was so happy to see the subject being discussed. There was also discussion about the fact that celiac disease is not as rare as doctors used to think and should be considered regardless of symptoms if family members have it. Stephanie
  9. I don't think we should be so quick to eliminate chicken as a possibility. Commercial chicken is often injected with stock or water to increase the weight of the chicken and make it appear more plump. Have you ever compared a package of perdue chicken to a package of free range cicken from Whole Foods? the whole foods chicken looks anorexic compared to the perdue. I personally get sick from commercial chicken. Or I did anyway, they may have changed their practices(I think someone on here said that perdue is okay, I was just using that as an example of a commercial brand.) Stephanie
  10. We can also eat bean flour. There's a brand that I bought in my nearby Price Chopper that was a gluten-free all-purpose flour. It worked well for chocolate chip coconut cookies, but when I made sugar cookies with it I thought it tasted like raw lentils. I'd use it again but only for baked stuff with other stronger flavors. The gluten-free pantry has a ton of good mixes. I like bother the french bread (also doubles as pizza crust) and the sandwich bread are good. I've found that the texture is better when I don't use my bread machine and when I warm it up a bit before eating it. If you eat it cold it can be crumbly like corn bread. I don't recommend the muffins though. I made blueberry muffins from the muffin and scone mix and they were alright at first but after they cooled they tasted like saw dust and toasting or microwaving didn't help at all. These breads also freeze really well and cost about 3-4 dollars a bag for the mix. The loaf is huge so I always freeze 1/2. I find that my motivation for being gluten-free especially when I'm in a relationship is the lack of gas. There's nothing more embarassing than accidentally passing gas and clearing the room! Stephie
  11. Hmmm....well then I guess it's not the blistex that makes me break out on my mouth. Thanks!
  12. It looks okay to me. I suppose there's a risk of cross contamination if they're making it in a non gluten-free kitchen. Stephanie
  13. I'd be suspicious of the chiken itself as well. I once got glutened from chicken soup. I was so careful about the stock I used and the spices but still got terribly sick. I've heard that some companies inject their meat with a solution of "stuff" to plump it up and add weight. I think this is what did it to me. I know perdue is gluten-free but I don't think this was perdue. Anyway, that might be the case with your chicken salad. I'm sorry you're not feeling well. I hope you get better soon. Stephanie
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