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  1. Sunbeam Mixmaster

    Thanks everyone for all your help. Looks like the KitchenAid is the mixer I would need. Now to try to justify spending that kind of money.
  2. Sunbeam Mixmaster

    Does anyone out there have a Sunbeam Mixmaster heavy duty--say 450 watt? I saw one in Penney's the other day at half the cost of a KitchenAid. Opinions? Thanks. Sue
  3. Sunbeam Mixmaster

    Does anyone out there have a Sunbeam Mixmaster 400 watt stand mixer? I'm wondering if they are OK for gluten-free baking. Thanks. Sue
  4. I was in Penney's yesterday and noticed a Sunbeam Mixmaster stand mixer with a 450 watt motor. It looked almost exactly like the KitchenAid at about half the cost. Does anyone out...
  5. Nini, Where did you find it for 2.50? It's 4.95 on the GFP web site and our local markets don't carry that particular mix. I live in Illinois across the river from St. Louis. Sue
  6. Thanks everyone. I'm gonna try all the suggestions--they sounded so easy and good.
  7. Does anyone have a gluten-free "Bisquick" mix recipe? I have Bette Hagman's recipe but she uses buttermilk powder and I'd rather jusst use instant powdered milk. Suppose I could...
  8. Wow! Thanks for all the suggestions. I was especially interested in the celery soup. Speaking of the boullion granules--I made a mix using the cubes and just ground them up as fine...
  9. Hi all, Has anyone out there tried the Southern Glory Biscuit mix? I love biscuits and can't find anything that tastes and "feels" like the real thing. Opinions welcomed. Sue
  10. La Choy also makes a gluten-free teriyaki sauce. Sue
  11. Kay, About that Kitchen Aid from Walmart. Have you used it very many years? I have been reading that we need a mixer with at least 325 watts of power like the Artisan (very expensive...
  12. I haven't begun baking yet and I haven't ordered anything either, but I have tried three kinds of gluten-free bread. I, personally, don't think any are a really good substitute...
  13. Wow!! Did you take me back some 50 years!! My mom used her hand to squeeze and stir the milk and "lard" into the flour until it was just the right consistency. Oh, for that ability...
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