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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/24/2018

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  1. If you call them they will tell you that their 3rd party suppliers do not have to disclose their ingredients. It has nothing to do with the facility - it has to do with the ingredients. I am glad you had no problems with their products - but call Kraft and ask if they can tell you what is in their products that list flavoring - example the smoked cheese - they won't tell you the ingredients in the smoke flavoring because the 3rd party supplier does not have to give them that information - for example it may be a special recipe that they don't what anyone to know. So they can not guarantee that the product is gluten free - not because it is and may be contaminated at their facility but because it may have gluten in the ingredient. I am requesting a letter in writing about this - I will post it on here - as soon as I get it. Thank you.
  2. Also Kraft said it is not cross contamination - these products may actually have a gluten source in them. They don't have the ingredient list - we have to be aware of these products.
  3. Yes I am sure it is not just Kraft - but it did take some coaxing to get this information from them. The 3rd parties who sell their ingredient for their product do not have to disclose this information to them - so you may get gluten and not know it - if you have silent celiac you won't know until you have your blood test and/or endoscopy - by then you may have been exposed to gluten many times and never know - the law has to be changed on 3rd party suppliers. How do we do this?
  4. Many companies have 3rd party suppliers and these 3rd party suppliers do not disclose their ingredients with the companies they deliver to. So it could possibly have gluten in it - call and ask if they have 3rd party suppliers and if they disclose this information with them.
  5. Just wanted to give some information about Kraft foods - in there food labeling policy they mention that they disclose all ingredients that may have gluten in them. But they just informed me that a lot of their ingredients are from 3rd parties and they do not disclose a lot of their ingredients because they don't know what is in those products. So beware if you are buying a Kraft product because you may think there is no gluten ingredient in there but there may be and they won't list it because they don't know. So just because they don't list wheat, barley, rye, oats - doesn't mean its not in one of their 3rd party ingredients. Especially flavoring - spices - coloring - I just called to ask about a product and they asked me to look if it says any of the gluten ingredients and I said it didn't and she said then that product is fine. I asked about the flavoring (which had no listed ingredient behind it or under it) she had to talk to the manager - he came back and said he couldn't tell me if there was because it is a 3rd party ingredient and they never tell them what is in it. So it could have gluten in it - so two different responses. Beware - I can't believe we are eating food that we can't even find out what is in it -