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  1. You can also ask your child's school nurse. That's how I found my first mom of a celiac child. The nurse had to get her permission and then put us in contact. Same nurse also offered to ask the entire district (it's really large) through the nurses.
  2. My 9 year old started a gluten challenge last week (on Xmas Eve) and I'm amazed by the results! Rewind: When my youngest was a baby she was dx celiac so her siblings were both tested and both came back in that gray area of "could be or couldn't be - we decide." Because the oldest hadn...
  3. Well, I think you're over-reacting in the fact that you've left this door open for the school to make decisions for the child...and then you didn't like the outcome. 504 Plans are to HELP the school HELP your child. They can't know these things unless they're forced to. Please get a plan in place...
  4. Welcome to the site, Christi. The gluten takes a bit to get out of your system so there's no option of "sneaking" a little gluten treat and going back to nursing. Oh, how I wish it was a simple pump and dump situation!! If you truly think your boy is having an issue with gluten you...
  5. My 3 y/o attends a public school district preschool program. Last year she was in the public school district Kids Morning Out. I had a 504 filled out before she started KMO and then we updated at the end of the school year knowing she would bump up to preschool this year. This is a quote from...
  6. Well...hell. I went to my 4th grader's curriculum night last week and guess what I found out? You're right - unrestricted snacks are allowed all day in this teacher's classroom. She has one rule - no soda. WTF?! My husband wants me to go crazy as it's not fair to our child that the others...
  7. Oh, yeah, my kid is still small. She's long and lean (just like her sister - and my body before the kids blew it out!). She's now 3.5 and wears 18 mos shorts. Still short, too. Like I said, she's got a killer catch-up coming along.
  8. I am floored by this free range eating concept. It's unhealthy to eat all day (I can just imagine the carbs and junk being sent it) and puts your child at a huge risk. I know you can't answer this, but WHY would they even allow this?! I'd call a 504 Plan meeting. You can call it in - just...
  9. By free range eating do you mean that children are allowed to eat anywhere and any time in the classroom? Or do you mean snacks at their desks?
  10. My youngest was DX at 18 months. When she went in for her 2 year check-up she hadn't grown yet. At her 3 year check-up she had gained SIX POUNDS (!!!). Her Ped said the average for that span should have been 3 pounds, but she is catching up. I practically danced in the office. Point of the...
  11. My oldest had a couple of summers at GS camps pre-dx. Now I refuse to send her. They tell me they can keep her safe, but I question that - and it's not worth the hassle when I can find alternatives. Last summer she went to a gluten-free camp in Georgia. She loved not having to thing about food...
  12. I agree about the "free bread" that they bring to the table. We never get it since we have 2/5 of us with celiac. We've only been to one place that had gluten-free rolls brought to us all warm and delicious - Maggiano's. My kids *really* miss stuff like that. We tend to eat family style while...
  13. Thank you so much - we *loved* Fox's BBQ! We are living in the midwest so we eat way too much BBQ, but I'd never had smoked corned beef. So good! We also tried Legal Seafood (eaten there before going gluten-free) and it was painful. Their frier was down so they were pan frying. Not a problem...
  14. I don't know - are you a middle aged housewife slowly going insane by the army of kids you created? The minions are driving me mad!
  15. I emailed Aldi asking them to consider keeping their gluten-free line in their regular offerings and this was their response... Yay! Aldi isn't in my regular rotation, but I would totally make a trek there regularly for many of their gluten-free foods. Granted, I have two Aldis in a ten...