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  1. I am very nervous to try cheese. I've been thinking about maybe grating a little bit up and putting them over some corn chips and have a little mini nachos. Lol. I will savor the bites and just wait to see what my body does. I know everyone is different and there are some who can reintroduce and...
  2. Good morning! Thank you both for replying to my post. I am able to drink coffee-mate creamer (powder kind) and on the ingredients list it says "contains a milk derivative" and it says it contains sodium caseinate a milk derivative. But it does say non-dairy and lactose free on the side of the container...
  3. Hello, I am currently 20 months, 1 day gluten-free. I stopped consuming dairy a few weeks after going gluten-free when I realized I was having lingering symptoms. Since going gluten-free dairy-free each day has been a day closer to feeling like my old self. As a child never had any issues with...