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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Well, an easy switch would be to use gatorade instead of diet soda. Is there a reason you are avoiding sugar? You need fuel for workouts like that and that's what sugar is. As for PureFit -- you can go on their website and use the store locator to find a dealer near you. In my area, they are sold in very random places -- a Mexican market, and a few other corner groceries, but not Whole Foods, TJs, or any of the running/outdoor stores. You can also order them -- a sampler pack or by the box (15 bars). You might want to try a sampler (ordered from the website), but if you decide you want a full box, Amazon has better prices. I don't really like Bumble Bars, and don't think they'd work as exercise food for me at all, but I see them at Whole Foods and REI.
  3. You should definitely check out Zadin in SF. I haven't been, but they have a separate gluten-free menu and it looks delicious. In Oakland, we have a gluten-free bakery called Mariposa. Everything they make is wonderful, so if you make it across the Bay, don't miss it! Their offerings include pizza as well as baked goods. Cafe Gratitude is the raw place...as vegetarians too, you might enjoy that. I've had fine luck throughout the region just talking to staff -- particularly at nicer restaurants. Boulevard (a very high-end place) was particularly attentive. Have fun!
  4. I'll put in another vote for PureFit bars. I can't do the straight carb thing and prefer a bar with substantial protein. Another bonus is no sugar alcohol, which alot of the protein bars have and which I found irritates my tummy. I find it interesting how many people can do PB on the go! I cannot eat PB before running at all!
  5. Another option is that muscles retain water after a hard workout, especially if you're increasing the exercise load -- it's very common to be a few pounds up after a long run. I did a 20-miler on Saturday and was three pounds up on the scale until this morning, when it disappeared. If you're doing more than one hard workout a week, you may be retaining that water constantly. If this is the case, it should go away during your taper. I'm only a runner, but thought I'd contribute to the fuel question. I have been using Clif shotblocks, but I'm planning to try Sharkies on my next long run. They are supposed to be less sweet. I also like Purefit bars, but I've never tried them while exercising. They are a balanced bar, not high-carb. I also like good ole Gatorade. I think most gels are gluten-free, too.
  6. I was so thrilled to find Kraft South Beach diet bars -- they are available in mainstream stores (a huge plus), high in protein, and fairly tasty. I've eaten the snack-size cinnamon and chocolate with no problems (although I thought the chocolate might have upset my tummy a little). Last week I came across the meal replacement size and got some for breakfast. No problems with cinnamon, but today I am doubled over with painful cramps and gas after a chocolate one. It was the only processed food I ate all day. As far as I can tell, the cinnamon and chocolate are safe in both sizes, according to ingredients. They do have a "shared equipment" disclaimer that lists wheat. I don't think of myself as super-sensitive, and I was careful the first time I tried them. It could be something else entirely (although it feels like gluten), which is why I came here to see what others' experiences have been. Has anyone else been eating these? Thanks in advance -- I really hope this passes quickly. I have a half-marathon to run on Sunday!
  7. I draw the line at "manufactured on the same equipment as..." With the new labeling laws, alot of these "same facility" statements cropped up, and it made me realize that almost everything is made in a facility that also proccesses wheat -- certainly at big companies like Frito-Lay. Even Lays Stax, which have their own dedicated gluten-free line, would be manufactured in a facility that processes wheat, due to the other products the company makes. I'm not sure I would even react to things made on the same equipment, but for now, I avoid them.
  8. Gluten-free Girl's chef-fiance's restaurant is in Seattle. He makes almost everything safe for people with celiac, so that she can eat there. It's called Impromptu Wine Bar and you can find posts about it on her blog: http://glutenfreegirl.blogspot.com/ I can't vouch for it personally, but the way she talks about the food makes me want to go to Seattle just for dinner!
  9. I am so jealous!!! How did you figure out where it would be stocked? Did you just ask around? I really hope to see some near me soon -- in the meantime, drink a toast to us when you throw back your Friday evening beer tomorrow!
  10. I just thought I'd share my plan for Thanksgiving. I know many are stressed about it -- either getting sick, or being an inconvenience, or just looking weird. Well, so was I, but I'm feeling more optimistic now. I'm having the meal with my boyfriend's big extended family and friends. So, cooking the meal myself is not an option, and educating people I don't know, when there are a ton of them, didn't sound fun or dependable. There will be plenty of food, so I didn't want to pile on with a ton more. I also didn't want to limit my meal to just a couple dishes that I brought. I think I figured out a compromise. My BF and I are going to make me a gluten-free meal, with some items sized to share, and others just sized for me. Our menu: herb-roasted turkey breast (just for me...there will be plenty contaminated turkey to go around) gluten-free gravy (just for me) cornbread "stuffing" (sized to share) brussels sprouts with slivered almonds (sized to share) baked acorn squash (just for me) cranberry sauce (haven't decided whether this is a share or not) gluten-free roll (just for me) pumpkin-pecan pie with gluten-free crust (to share, if anyone wants) This way I'll only eat food that I prepared, but I'll still feel like I'm getting the whole meal. I'll still be sharing and contributing (I don't want to feel like I'm brown-bagging it), but the host won't feel like I've put a whole second meal on her table. I don't know yet how it'll go, but I'm optimistic! I hope you all find a way to remove the stress of the food and enjoy the holiday!
  11. I received a gift certificate to Gluten-Free Mall for my b-day and I'm hoping to get your opinions on how best to spend it. I've sort of hit my stride with gluten-free eating and don't eat buy much of the pricey substitutes anymore, but I'm excited to get some treats since it's a gift! But, I don't know what's best and I don't want to blow it on crummy stuff. What would be on your wish list? Thank you for any advice! I'll check old threads, but I thought this might be a fun one to revisit.
  12. Another gluten-free option is Canidae. My boys love it (but they love any food) and it also helped one of them with chronic tummy problems. I think he's also gluten-intolerant! For treats, I use the ones that are like jerky (all meat) and there are also a few biscuit-type options. I think one is from a brand called Evo (?), but it says grain-free on the package. The other is a potato/duck flavored biscuit from Natural Balance, I think.
  13. Eating disorders for me. I had worsening forms of disordered eating from ages 13-18. When I went away to college, I finally had the freedom to become full-blown anorexic. I had to leave college, and when I started eating again, I had horrible digestive distress. That was about ten years ago. Everyone said my system just had to adjust to food again, but now I realize it never really got back to normal after that, until I gave up gluten about a year ago.
  14. The app I get raves for is cheese stuffed dates wrapped in bacon. The combo of salty/sweet and gooey/crispy is just out of this world! People gobble them down. I just take a date, remove the pit carefully to keep the date as intact as possible, then put in a small chunk of sharp cheddar (a white variety is prettier). Then wrap that in bacon, secure with a toothpick, and bake until the bacon is done and crispy. The cheese will ooze out a bit, but that's okay. They are a little tedious, but so yummy!
  15. Wow, I can't imagine what you and your husband are going through -- I hope he experiences great health improvements that make it all worth it. I just wanted to reply that I really liked oatmeal too, but now I eat cream of rice. I put butter, sugar, cinnamon, and sugar in it and I find it yummy. Not exactly oatmeal, but an adjustment you can get used to. There is also cream of buckwheat, but I haven't tried it. I just wanted to let you know that there are other hot cereals out there that he might enjoy. I also like the Kinnikinnick products, but the donuts are the one thing I'm not a fan of -- too dense for me. I've recently started making cinnamon toast for a treat with my coffee on the weekends -- for some reason it works well with the gummier texture of rice bread. So that's my donut/pastry substitute. I wish you both the best of luck and I hope you stick around here. People are really helpful and among us all, we've tried most of the products out there and can guide you towards the best substitutes.
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