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  1. Hello there, my 7 year old daughter had the following lab results: Deaminated Gliadin, Abs IGA 4-normal Deaminated Gliadin, Abs IGG 4-normal TTG IGA <2-normal TTG IGG 15-high Endomysial Antibody was negative Immunoglobin A, Qn Serum 193-normal Flashback to two...
  2. Did you ever get any clarification why your ttg igg was high?  my daughter has the same thing.

  3. Hi Amy, My daughter only had high TTG IGG too and I am to trying to figure out what that means.  Do you have any update as to what you found out.  She is not IGA deficient either.

  4. Do you have any update brit16? I am in a similar situation with my 7 year old.