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High TTG IGG in 7 year old not IGA deficient

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Hello there,  my 7 year old daughter had the following lab results:

Deaminated Gliadin, Abs IGA 4-normal

Deaminated Gliadin, Abs IGG 4-normal

TTG IGA <2-normal

TTG IGG 15-high

Endomysial Antibody was negative

Immunoglobin A, Qn Serum 193-normal

Flashback to two and half years ago:My brother in law (daughters uncle) was diagnosed with celiac through endoscopy).  My daughter at the time was having tummy aches so I thought best to get her tested.  The labs were about the same as above-everything normal but her TTG- IGG was high at 22.  We were referred to a pediatric GI specialist who basically said she was not celiac and was just constipated.  Since then she has no other real symptoms.  She has had tummy aches here and there like every kid but nothing really abnormal.  I decided to get the test redone because that high number has always bothered me and she is short for her age (in the 5th percentile), although my husband keeps saying we have a lot of short people in the family and that he was very short for his age and grew later.  As you see above the IGG number is down but it is still in the high range.  It doesn't settle well with me that it is not within normal.  I am going back to another pediatric GI doc on Monday.  I have been researching all weekend trying to get some answers as to what the TTG-IGG could indicate and it looks like a lot of people don't even get that tested unless they are IGA deficient.  I am so confused!  She has not had much other blood work recently.  I know they did a finger prick that said her iron and blood sugar levels were fine.  I don't want to put her under any undue testing or stress but at the same time I don't want to ignore a potential problem.  

Worried mom here trying to get some answers!

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3 hours ago, veni said:

Hi, were you able to find an answer for high ttg igg? even I am trying to do some research on it with no answer. How is your daughter doing now?

Was your Immunoglobulin A (IgA) test within range (this means you can make this type of antibodies)? If not, the TTG IgA test would not work.  Your doctor would view the TTG IgG tests as a positive and move forward with an endoscopy.

But know that the antibodies test are not perfect.  I never test positive on the TTG IgA and TTG IgG, but to the DGP IgA only even in follow up tests.   If my GI had disregarded my positive DGP IgA test, my diagnosis would have been missed  and I had some pretty severe intestinal damage.  

A positive is a positive and should be investigated by a GI.  


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