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i canary

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    Gardening - I'm working on removing every blade of grass from my yard and replacing it with a flower bed or stone path.
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    Middle Tennessee
  1. I have the same problem. I discovered I can handle Ketex. I'm supposed to take two at a time - I don't because my stomach doesn't like it. I take one at breakfast and the other at lunch. Does much better. I'm sorry I don't know why your (and mine) stomach is so sensitive now when it didn't...
  2. My syrup is both gluten-free and sugar free: Cozy Cottage is the brand name. I either got it at Walmart or Krogers.
  3. I constantly run into doorways, trip over furniture, bang my feet and jam my fingers into counters. I once managed to trip over a shoe that was in a room that had nothing else it in (my only excuse is that shoe was a size 12E ). I always have unexplained bruises. I'm so used to being clumsy I...