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    Gardening - I'm working on removing every blade of grass from my yard and replacing it with a flower bed or stone path.
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    Middle Tennessee
  1. I actually laughed in relief when I was diagnosed. It was such a relief to know what was...
  2. I just made my choices. I'm looking forward to learning what that survey was about.
  3. I agree with everyone. There is no way I would knowingly eat anything that was cross contaminated...
  4. I'm with Jessica. All it takes is one clumsy employee to drop a bun in the tuna salad...
  5. I also don't miss fruitcake - I used to get one every year from my boss. I finally escaped...
  6. Thanks for sharing. The food looks wonderful!!!
  7. What Plantime says is true, it's a phase we all go through. Some of us dwell there longer...
  8. Thanks for the tip. I glad I haven't ordered tuna salad anywhere.
  9. My mother accidentally put sorghum flour in our gluten-free mixture once - it was la lot...
  10. Thanks for posting this. All the recipes look yummy. Can't wait to try one.
  11. How wonderful. I want to work with you!!! I opted out of the Christmas lunch this...
  12. Yes - mine is so bright yellow it looks as if it will glow in the dark . Green? ...
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