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  1. yeah, I grew tired of Glutino Bread and their dry cookies. We have tons of that stuff which is cool but there are better products coming out and no one seems to give a rats rear. Thanks for the info, I'll dig into the internet option more. N
  2. I too deep frie the frozen ones. The shoestring in paticular turn out just like McDonalds fries and takes 10 minutes. Horribly bad for you, lol N
  3. I'd like to know too! for the most part, it usually costs more and takes a long time, I'll have to look a little deeper into it, plus what about frozen stuff? Nate
  4. yeah, I'm just venting, internet orders take awhile, up to a month sometimes, this really had more to do with frustration/coping with then Gluten-Free Foods, Products, Shopping & Medications, but it got moved N
  5. I'm so pissed!!! it seems as though as soon as I find anything that is actually good suddenly becomes impossible to get!!!!!! Strongbow - They run out, order the stuff doesnt come in, have to wait 3 months. The only damn cold drink they sell that I can have that doesn't have a box of sugar in every bottle. Corn Wraps - One place in the whole province to buy em and it happens to be the worste store for keeping stock Glutino English Muffins - They run out almost immediately when it comes in. I love these, I use them for everything. EnerG Nut Granola - This godsend I happen to score one box before it going on back order. Namaste - Excellent! love this stuff, they lost their supplier and the store that used to sell it doesn't want to deal with the new one. !@#$#$%#$@ That pretty much sums up everything that helps me reason with this damn disease. I thank Jeesus, the sun, the moon and the galaxie that I'm not allergic to COFFEE! Otherwise, I'd rather be sick. N
  6. Yeah Strongbow is excellent stuff. I can't imagine why it wouldn't be gluten-free. I'm extremely sensitive to stuff and my stomache can't tolerate a lot of things but I can drink that stuff with no problems. It taste like apple juice, bit bitter/dry, not too sweet, carbonated, brewed. Great stuff! I have a lot of friends that drink it as an alternative to beer, in fact the NBLC ran out of the stuff a few months back. It sells like crazy now. N
  7. I hear ya on the Messagere! I feel embarrassed everytime I go to buy it cause everyone at the counter is shocked and asks me about it!!!! I live in NewBrunswick and if you want them to carry a certain brand you have to go to them (NBLC) not the brewery. I've already been through this with Bardstale and have put in my request. Unfortunately, I don't think the price will be much different. But I love my Strongbow now, I'm addicted to that stuff and almost prefer it to beer, goes better with meals N
  8. Interestingly, I recently found out that it was fructose that was causing my indigestion problems (someone has recently posted a link to fructose malabsorbtion). I can tolerate some of it but I have to eat a lot of starchy foods. My stomache will start gurgling really bad then the next day I'll wake up and feel/look like crap. Huge dark circles under my eyes, gluten symptoms but without anxiety. This has been a hard bullet to swallow this past couple months but now I know and I feel better. The hint for me was that I have never been able to handle fruit juices. At least I can handle milk which I guess is a bit of a blessing. For the longest time I thought it was milk but nope! I've been gluten-free for 2.5 years now. Good luck N
  9. Thanks! my gluten-free set a tomatoe right on top of a bunch of bread crumbs not thinking and the other day I was at a bbg and my buns were moved around with the same tongs as the other ones! I simply can't stop these instances without crawling into a box and never coming out. Hopefully this happens soon, N
  10. Anyone know if the Dairy queen peanuts are safe? in Canada? http://www.dairyqueen.com/en-US/Menus+and+...l+Dietary+Needs Nate
  11. I eliminated everything I thought might be a problem except the juice and was still having trouble. Since I stopped drinking the juice I've felt better. This is the 4th time I've tried to introduce something other than plain apple or orange juice where it has caused a problem. It's been with other brands like McKain, Gatorade, Tropicanna, and now minute maid. I may have actual Kettle chips about once every three months. Mostly its tostitos and Maine Coast salt and vinegar. I eat frutose on a regular basis and have been gluten free since jan 2004. I do feel almost 100% if I only eat foods that I know are gluten free. I shouldn't be taking any risks at all but I want to live life a little. Everything is a risk, goin to a bbq, kissing my girlfriend, licking a stamp, lol. Bah, thats what I don't get. I wonder how many PPM kissing my girlfriend is???? wouldn't it be the same as have a glass of juice? lol. Guess I'll have to look at other allergies. Thanks all Nate
  12. yeah I'm fine with the apple juice and orange juice, its the other juices that have caused me problems. Hope you find out what it is soon! Nate
  13. yeah i dunno what happened, you can't remove or move posts, ah well N
  14. are there any that actually contain gluten? there are these premade salads you can buy at the grocery store near where I live and they have feta cheese and black olives. I've never seen black olives that contain gluten. Is it a possibility? are they cured in malt perhaps? I'm gonna ask anyway I think, but that isn't to say they use different brands depending on whats cheaper. These would be great in a jiffy, they come with a small pack of renees dressing too! Nate this meant to go in the other forum, sorry N
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