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  1. Hi, Just an fyi...you're going through a withdrawal period. It usually takes 3 to 6 weeks before you even start to feel better, unless you're sensitive to all grains (including white potatoes). If that's the case, you will just feel worse as you ingest other gluten-free flours/grains in place of the wheat, etc. My 2 grandchildren and I are unable to eat any grains without a reaction of some kind (bone, muscle, joint pain, colitis, depression, whining, foul bowl movements, an so on). It was a nightmare when they were infants and daycare is a special challenge. Good luck. Karen
  2. Hi everyone, Just an FYI about Jone's sausage. All brands, except for the maple flavored and the pork/bacon flavored are gluten-free. The two exceptions don't have gluten listed in the ingredients and my grandson and I wound up being pretty sick for a day or so after eating the pork/bacon links. I was pretty peeved when I called their 800# to find out that yes, indeed, they do contain gluten even though it's not listed on the package. I hope that the gluten-free labeling law gets passed, write your congressman! Karen
  3. Genetics

    I have a gluten intolerance (diagnosed by a blood test, intestinal biopsy was negative). My husband has obvious symptoms of a gluten intolerance and has tested negative for all mainstream blood tests and intestinal biopsy. In desperation, I asked our doctor to test him for IGA deficiency, IGA transglutiminase, and HLA DQ2 & DQ8 (genetic markers for celiac). He tested positive for the HLA DQ2 marker only. I then called Miles-Kimball Laboratory and spoke to a geneticist regarding the genetic markers because our doctor thinks it's just something to look out for. According to the geneticist, if a person has obvious symptoms of gluten intolerance AND tests positive for either of the markers, Miles-Kimball considers that person to have a gluten intolerance. Celiac (intestinal damage) is the end result of an undiagnosed gluten intolerance. They also sell their kits (just swab your cheeks for cells) to the public. It's $292.00 for the kit and diagnoses (the diagnoses is what really costs, the kits are free), and for each subsequent kit ordered for family testing, the cost is reduced to $260.00. Hope this helps.
  4. I would suspect the turkey, especially if it says there are natural flavors added on the ingredient label. If the mfr claims that the sausage is gluten-free then it's possible that you are reacting to the grain itself. Supposedly, if the grain is distilled, the gluten doesn't survive the distillation process and is therefore safe to use, as in white vinegar or mayonnaise. But, some people, and I am one, react to the grain used in the processing. For me, it's bone pain. Good Health, Karen
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