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  1. Hi, Nausea was my #1 symptom too. It just takes a while to go away. It took until month 6 for me to be feeling almost completely normal. It took a month for me to start having small periods of the day when I wasn't nauseous, and with time, I slowly added more time to the day without nausea...
  2. Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone experienced this or had any tips... So I was feeling fine two weeks ago - my main symptom before diagnosis was extreme nausea - and then last week I woke up and I felt just like I did before going gluten free. I even had a gagging attack where I couldn...
  3. Thank you for your responses I go through periods of feeling absolutely overwhelmed by all of this to thinking it's totally normal to me. I'm only 2 and a half months in (it feels SO MUCH LONGER though) so I'm sure by the end of this year I'll stop having my little freak outs. Gilligan...
  4. Hi everyone, new Celiac here. I was officially diagnosed almost a month ago when my biopsy results came back positive. Funny story, my mom took it harder than me. In fact, she actually yelled at the poor PA saying, "You mean my daughter can't eat a slice of regular cake for the rest of her life...