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  1. I don't have much enlightening to say but I wanted you to know that I am praying for you. <3
  2. Small update if anyone is interested..... I've been gluten-free for 1 month now. It sucks, lol. The rash is still very there but the itching/crawling/burning feeling IS less intense though never totally gone. I still find myself in denial asking myself if I REALLY have Celiac Disease...
  3. I've been in a really bad place this week. I've struggled a lot with the Celiac diagnosis. I was doing better and then this week hit me like a ton of bricks.... I think because I officially transition to gluten-free on Monday..... I am scared. Scared of losing the convenience I'm used to. Scared...
  4. @kareng Care to weigh in? I've seen your responses on other posts, I made this one a few weeks back and I am just making sure I'm not making the wrong decision by skipping the endo.
  5. I'm sorry you are so ill, Kareng's comment above is everything I would have said.
  6. akohlman--I am exactly 1 month from being diagnosed and still going through cleaning out of all the gluten foods from my life. I have really bad Dermatitis Herpetiformis but other wise I had no reason to think I had something like Celiac Disease. That being said, I TOTALLY understand. For me... its...
  7. & this is why I've already fallen in love with this forum! Insightful. I believe I have Celiac. I literally felt like I was "home" when I discovered DH Rashes and Celiac Disease. I told my husband, I'm not glad I have this but I'm glad I know why I've had the issues I've had for the...
  8. Hi everyone! I absolutely love the information I've learned since I joined this forum a few weeks ago. Now.... I have to be "that person" and ask for your non-medical-professional advice..... I've had a rash for almost 2 years--my PCP as well as my Dermatologist have tried to figure out...