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  1. Hey everyone, thank you for all your help. This is an awesome community. Without intending to, I think I ended up doing a gluten challenge. My (wonderful, well-meaning) hubby tried to make normal and gluten-free pasta at the same time for lunch, and I think he must have accidentally cross contaminated...
  2. notme.....Wowww that is pretty bad! Eeesh. It's amazing that you're so informed, but yeah.....the point of going to a doctor is for them to be able to help/teach us, and not the other way around! lol
  3. Ok, so I was gonna type this all up but realized it would be SO much faster to use screen caps These are the lab results I could find on my online chart thing.
  4. Thank you! My PA said that she still thinks it's celiac....but I don't feel like she's fully explained why. Some people are hard to get a solid answer out of! I think I'm gonna get a second opinion somewhere else.....appreciate the feedback. Makes me feel a little less crazy
  5. Ok, so....I am super confused by my test results!! Brand new to this site....actually created an account just to ask this question. Hello, celiac world. I'm hoping someone might have knowledge or experience to share, to shed some light on my confusing test results.... I was getting an upper endoscopy...