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  1. I have not, I hate plain coffee lol, I have to have creamer or something in it.
  2. yeah, I use to never have any reactions to caffeine, until I became gluten intolerant about 4 months ago. I never even got jittery or anything from it, ever! Maybe that's whats happening to me is its just triggering something. Just weird that it would do that, I wonder what it is in coffee/caffeine...
  3. Does anyone ever have any kind of reactions from coffee, or coffee flavored drinks? I've found myself having issues with them, I tried a iced caramel mocha from Kwik Trip and threw up after having a little bit and from what I read on their website they should be gluten free. I also have tried Bolthouse...
  4. Hey, Wondering if anyone has ever had issues with reacting to energy drinks? I have been told/read that monster and rock stars and other energy drinks are gluten free but for some reason when I do drink them I start to feel sick. I'm not sure if its just because since I've changed my diet to...
  5. Thank you so much for all the info! I will defiantly be taking your advise and seeing if that helps me!
  6. thank you for the info, its very helpful to hear from someone else who has it and knows a lot about it. When you say I may be eliminating one problem vs 3, what would you think the other problems could be? It's frustrating because I even buy Uldis gluten-free bagels and what not and I still find...
  7. yes, I was tested for it. They said after stomach surgeries and other major things causing that much stress on your body you can become intolerant to gluten. It happened to my aunt as well who was in a horrible car accident. They said you can always carry the gene in your body and having that much...
  8. hey! Wondering if I can get some good info/help from you guys! I just signed up for this website couple weeks ago. Whenever I would Google things this was always the first to pop up and I always found info on things I googled. I am pretty new to the gluten free thing. I had a hernia surgery back...