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  1. another pancake recipe you may want to try that is really easy and fluffy is: mix 1,5 cup cooked rice, 1 ripe banana, 2 eggs and some cinnamon in a food processor or with any other tool that will blend the rice. Then make really small pancakes from it so they are easy to turn. The result is the easiest fluffiest sweetest pancakes ever! However, I would not recommend eating these pancakes too often, eating more than 3 eggs per week is not healthy. Let me know if you try this recipe
  2. hey guys, i will be trying out your recipes they sound delicious! another nice recipe with garbanzo beans that i make a lot and doesn't contain any weird ingredients is my own garbanzo burger invention. I just throw equal amounts (volume) cooked rice and garbanzo beans in my food processor and blend them until smooth. then I add a teaspoon ( but it depends how much you're making) of curcuma, some salt, pepper and sometimes a few spinach leaves as well. i just blend it for one more minute and then it is almost done! if it is too sticky you can add a little bit of rice flour but if you drained te rice well it usally isn't necessary. make them into small burgers and bake them in a non-stick pan with some oil. I just love having some of the batter in my fridge (when it stays a night in the fridge the batter actually gets better) you also dont need to be very precise with the measurements because it won't matter a lot. Let me know your results if you try any of these recipes! (sorry if my english is bad btw, I'm dutch but I'm trying to improve my english :))
  3. hey guys I have been gluten free for almost a year now, looking at gluten free recipes they often contain a lot of weird ingredients that aren't easy to get. What are your favourite gluten free recipes for dinner or snacks?
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