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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/24/2018

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  1. Gluten Free and No Appetite?

    I don't think he has anything else wrong with him. He's never been allergic to anything, other than gluten now. His appetite slowly disappeared around March and ever since then he has lost about 20-22 pounds. He sometimes still gets sick from eating (I don't know if it's because cross-contamination or he has severe anxiety about getting sick now) but he says that because he gets anxiety too, it doesn't help. But that is good to know, I actually just reached out to my sister-in-law who is big into diet, nutrition and working out and she said the same exact thing. Thanks!
  2. Gluten Free and No Appetite?

    Does anyone else have issues with appetite and a gluten free diet? If so, what do you use to help yourself? Is there anything out there that helps with your appetite that is LEGAL? Please help!
  3. Coping with Celiacs

    We usually do take out from a local place that knows him very well and they have gluten free options available, which is nice. Even gluten-free soy sauce...but we usually ask for everything plain and use La Choy soy sauce b/c it is certified gluten-free.....Send your daughter this way for some homemade sushi!!!! I'll pay!! haha.
  4. Coping with Celiacs

    Thanks for your response! It means a lot you took the time out to respond. I am going to have to mention to him about possibly cutting dairy from his diet for a few months because maybe that is what is still having a negative effect in his body. He isn't big on caffeine, but he does drink soda... The only symptoms for him that are reduced is vomitting. He is still losing weight and a huge loss of appetite. Do you do anything specific for loss of appetite? Thanks so much for your advice!
  5. Coping with Celiacs

    Notme, Thanks for your response. Yeah, if were thinking of the same appetite stimulant that isn't legal in your state, it isn't in ours either. He will occasionally use that to help him, but he keeps saying (which is understandable) that he needs another alternative because he is getting older and can't keep doing it. We don't live together, we've been dating for about a year now. He lives at home and has his own little pantry of gluten free snacks, breads, pastas, sauces, etc. The first few months, he would see something that he thought wouldn't have gluten but it did, but he has gotten much better at reading labels and knowing what he can and can't have. We do cook a lot of gluten free meals, just because it makes him feel better knowing he can eat it. Theres also a gluten free bake shop by my house that I will go and pick up gluten-free baguettes, that are actually extremely tasty and we make garlic bread with it! If we go out, I sometimes get nervous there might be cross contamination- but we stress to the people that he has a disease and we need to make sure its gluten-free. He wants to see another doctor too, about his anxiety when eating and maybe they could give him a light prescription for it. I feel terrible, I can never imagine having to feel like that. I try to eat gluten free with him whenever possible. he doctors were really not too helpful apparently, which is why I really want him to go to a nutritionist and maybe she/he can give him more advice as opposed to the other doctors who just say the same thing over and over.
  6. Coping with Celiacs

    Thanks for taking the time to respond to me, Kurt. I actually researched a few months ago protein that is gluten free and I did come across Naked and he did purchase it. He would drink it every morning before work until he ran out. I'm not sure why he never got around to buying it again but I will definitely make sure he does. I just checked out the Body Ecology as well. I will tell him about it! I know I have to support him- and I am! But, I just wish he would let me in more rather than push me away. I wish I knew how he was feeling and could make things better. But with time, hopefully they do. Thanks!
  7. Coping with Celiacs

    Thanks for the response Doug. It's really eye opening to read a bunch of other peoples responses about their own personal lives, and it makes me feel better about what I'm trying to do. It also makes me feel less upset that he takes a lot out on me when he's upset, mainly because he's coping. He has yet to see a nutritionist, Which I have repetitively told him to do because they might be of some help. The one thing we actually do go out to get together is pizza, because there is a big gluten free pizzeria by the both of us- OR sushi, because it is pretty easy to go gluten free with sushi. Any advice on what to do when you have no appetite but know you need to eat? When he knows he doesn't have an appetite, he doesn't force himself too. He'll let himself go the entire day without eating if he gets the feeling. Im sure a nutritionist would help him with his carb/protein intake too, right? Overall, thanks for the response. It really was informative and made me feel a lot better!
  8. Coping with Celiacs

    Gluten free foods are obviously not his food of choice, but given little to no option- he eats it. His lack of appetite is definitely from being diagnosed. He drinks a high protein, organic, gluten-free smoothie in the morning from Whole Foods/Trader Joes (not sure which). Then he usually eats one meal and that is about it. He will have an entire gluten-free meal in front of him and he just can't get himself to have the appetite to eat it. There are times where cross-contamination definitely has happened. Him and I both realized after he ate it- definitely a rookie mistake. But I would say he has gotten a lot better, as well as his family, with completely gluten free meals.
  9. Coping with Celiacs

    He is still having some digestive symptoms, like sometimes he will eat and then 15-30 minutes after he doesn't feel well/sometimes actually vomits. For example, we one time made gluten free pasta with a brand new can of sauce. Within the hour, we went to the bathroom and vomited. But when he does- its only usually bile (?spelling, lol.) He has found SOME foods he enjoys that are gluten free, being italian- he really misses regular pastas and bread. I know he misses chicken- something he always used to eat in every style... But he is slightly scarred from it because last summer, whenever he would eat breaded chicken, he'd get sick and thought it was because he was allergic to chicken. Now we know it was the bread crumbs/breading on the chicken, but he is still hesitant to eat it. I know he has never had any issues with dairy prior to this- but his father and brother are lactose intolerant and avoid dairy in about 98% of their diets. The lack of appetite started roughly a few weeks after beginning the gluten free diet. It has progressively gotten worse, but he also has a lot of anxiety when eating, too. Which he says is because he gets anxious before he eats because he doesn't know if hell get sick or not. I've told him that he should maybe check back with the doctor, since it has been a few months and voice his concerns as someone who is newly diagnosed. He told me yesterday he feels that it's going to be a hard few months for him and then said he doesn't want to talk about it- there is nothing to talk about.
  10. Ladies, Gentleman, my fellow Celiacs, I need your help, please!! As of December 2015, my boyfriend got diagnosed with Celiacs disease and has not been able to cope and adjust to it. He tries- very hard- but for whatever reason his body still is not agreeing with him. He has no idea I made this account, but I need to try and research things that will help. It is really having an affect on his life, he is not himself anymore and it is definitely starting to take a toll on our relationship as well. As his girlfriend, I have tried a lot to help...even though there is not too much I can do. Instead of eating out, 95% of the time we cook together. I make sure everything I get him is gluten-free and I will randomly bake and cook him things, just so I know he has things to eat. My main concern, as well as his, is that his appetite is completely gone. He will wake up in the morning and can barely get himself to eat anything once 1 or 2 pm rolls around. He'll eat once a day, if that. He dropped about 20 pounds, too. He has tried probiotics, the only thing that it really helped was the vomitting...which still happens occasionally, just not as much. He also doesn't really like talking about the matter, especially with me. Whenever he brings it up and I try helping I get a lot of backlash. I know its hard to adjust too, but I am just trying to help. What do you guys recommend? Going back to the doctors? Is there anything or any supplement any of you take that helps with your appetite? I need help! Thanks, A concerned girlfriend.