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  1. Ummm...I can only speak for myself but I had my first blood test at the same time they did the endoscopy/colonoscopy and my results were over 100. I guess when it's over 100 it just shows over 100 and not a specific number. so I guess I was off the charts. I'm surprised no one else responded After a few months on a gluten free diet I am down to healthy normal levels
  2. Interesting that you mention meat. Aren't cattle fed corn? Maybe only eat beef products from cows fed grass? Just a thought. Interesting that you mention meat. Aren't cattle fed corn? Maybe only eat beef products from cows fed grass? Just a thought.
  3. Hi everyone: I have had a history of ulcers since I was 18. In the last5 years they have bled 3 times. Came close to buying the farm. 5 months ago a blood test showed I had iron deficient anemia. I thought my ulcer was bleeding again. important to note that I have never had GI symptoms my entire pain, no diarrhea or constipation. Stomach has been fine. The only way i knew my ulcers were bleeding was that I would faint due to having 1 pint of blood in me. My doc did an endoscopy and colonoscopy and only checked for celiac because I asked him to. A woman I worked with had just been diagnosed. Turns out I had it bad with my blood test showing levels over 100 but not sure of exact count. Is over 100 considered very high? Started diet immediately. Used to get very bad migraines every day, my guess is from malnutrition as I was eating wheat like crazy. I looked like crap with dark circles under my eyes. After 5 months on a gluten-free diet I can't really say I feel that much better on a day to day basis. My migraines are fewer and farther between but when I get one now it takes about 4 shots of Immitrex to get the sucker to leave me alone. I just started juicing every day. I think its helping. Thank God for Real Foods corn cakes. they are thin and crisp and much better than rice cakes. They satisfy my craving for something like a cracker. After about 2 months on the diet my blood tests come back normal so that's good but I have been suffering from severe depression. Not sure if it's menopause (I'm 48) or a result of having had celiac. Anyone else suffering from depression? I do have one weird symptom since I was diagnosed. If I lay on myleft side after I eat something small my stomach starts to growl really loud. Sometimes this happens after a meal. I did not have this problem prior to the endoscopy. anyone else experience this? It's driving me nuts! Anyway, nice to talk to all of you. All my best debbie
  4. Hi I was just diagnosed with Celiac. I have a history of ulcers from NSAID intake and was recently iron deficient anemic and we thought it was due to a bleeding ulcer. I asked my doc to also check for celiac upon a co-workers recommendation and it turns out I had severe damage of the villi and a very high antigen count. I'm curious as to what other peoples antigen counts were and from the doctors curious as to what you consider a severe antigen count. BTW, I have never had ulcer pain in my life, stomach pain or constipation or diarrhea which is why my doc was surprised to find I had celiac. I've cut out wheat, oats and milk and have been taking iron. I'm no longer anemic but don't really notice any other differences due to the fact that I don't have symptoms to begin with. Its been about 2 weeks since I changed my diet.. thank you