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  1. My oldest child has recently presented with a small group of tiny blister like spots on his knee. The spots are only on one knee and he says they are very itchy. He has scratched then to the point that they have popped and are now scabbed over. I am wondering if there is a "standard" size that these blisters are? Does it vary? Do they have to appear on both sides of the body or can they appear on just one? He has never been tested for Celiac. Our pediatrician is old school and believes that "he would have tummy problems" if he had celiac... My Celiac child never had this kind of reaction so this is new to me. My #2 was all intestinal problems. I have looked through so much stuff that I am actually getting more confused. Thanks in advance... Dallas
  2. It has been a while sine I have been on..lots going on with my other boys. But we have had something come up and I KNOW that this is the place to come. Back in October '07, Cooper has A LOT of dental work done, almost $1,200 worth-he's 5. Now one of the teeth that was filled has abscessed. He is on pain med and and antibiotic and will go in Tuesday and get it fixed. Here is my question...if his teeth are this bad..is it quite possible that the rest of his bones are in bad shape too? And if so is there anything to do about it? Thanks...Dallas
  3. We use Colorations gluten-free/WF dough. Like others have added it does get under your fingernails and then the hands go inthe mouth for whatever reason and then they end up with a tummy ache or worse. It is pricy, but it is one of the few things that we "splurge" on for Cooper. I also got a Lakeshore catalog today and saw that they also now carry a gluten-free/WF dough! Here is a link to that site- www.lakeshorelearning.com Good luck....Dallas
  4. He was diagnosed at the very end of 2005--literally. Anyway...he as been gluten-free for almost 2 years..and now that you mention it...he has never had levels re-tested to see if they were back to normal. He always tested negative for the blood work but positive for the genetic factor. Is that the dame or different tests? I think we do need to go back and get that done if nothing else.
  5. Cooper has a check up later this month with his GI.(It is about a 4 hour drive for us). I was planning on canceling it since all she does is look at him and ask how he is doing. BUT this week he has developed psoriasis. Not a huge shock..Dad has it, so do grandmothers on both sides. But he is almost 5...I hate to see it this young! I am wondering if I should keep the appointment and ask to have his levels tested. Does it even matter? This is a new kink and I just do not know what to do with it. Any ideas would be appreciated! Thanks...Dallas
  6. We are also a homeschool family. We are starting our 3rd year. We love it. Three out of our 4 have issues that helped or will help the decision to keep them home a very easy one. Our third little guy has a language disorder and a whole host of other issues. Our 2nd is our Celiac and our oldest has a chronic tic disorder, OCD and major anxiety. So for us, homeschooling was an easy decision. We have a great group of about 15-20 families that meet together and do tons of fun stuff! I am interested in what kind of language disorder Emmie has. Good luck and happy schooling! Dallas
  7. Jake was diagnosed with verbal apraxia, dysarthria, motor apraxia, coordination disorder, sensory integration disorder and hypotonia. They are not unheard of...but they sure were to our family. He has a lot of soft signs of neurological problems...but nothing that they can pin point. Autism and Asperger's have been ruled out. Jake just works in a different way! So the Celiac, while still being very much a part of our lives, has taken a back seat to learning about Jake's issues. I was just needing the dentist info since we haven't had to deal with a dental visit and the Celiac dx's yet. Please don't think you were being nosey! Dallas
  8. It has been an VERY long time since I have posted. Another of the boys has been diagnosed with another unheard of disorder(s) so I have been busy researching and learning about that. Anyway, Cooper desperately needs to go to the dentist. He has a few cavities that need to get fixed. I am wondering what do we need to look for gluten-wise in a dental visit? Thanks for the help....Dallas
  9. Please Help

    I am needing to know if it is common for reflux to get worse in kids. Our 1 year old had reflux when he was a newbie...it got better, but since October it has been getting worse and worse...he has thrown up 11 times in the past 3 days. I am convinced it is not a stomach bug or a virus..He can not keep anything down now...not even the reflux meds. No fevers or no D. He seems to be fine other than the constant throwing up. IS THIS NORMAL??? We have an appointment today with the ped....but I do not want to be told let's just wait and see if this gets better...I have WAY too much going on with child #3 to wait and see how #4 does. I will probably end up crying in his office! And I HATE to cry in public! Anyone have ANY advice?? TIA....Dallas
  10. I am so sorry that your sweet daughter has to go through something like this especially while taking tests!! Brain fog induced by teacher's ignorance. That is lovely!! Maybe you could gently remind her of the situation and ask if she could provide alternitive to all those gluten filled snacks. Remind her of how sensitive she is and how all these crumbs around could prevent her from taking the tests should she get any cc. Maybe ask if she could offer a special treat on one day(maybe the last testing day) and then you would have time to make /get something WAY BETTER for your daughter. I hope that things will work out for ALL of you!! Dallas
  11. Playdoh

    We also got rid of Playdoh and got Colorations wheat free/gluten free dough from discount school supplies. It is a nice dough and smells nice too. Kind of expensive, but we think worth it. Hope this helps... Dallas
  12. I was SO excited to see in our local newspaper today that there are 2 individuals here in our little part of Northwest Arkansas that are trying to open the first dedicated gluten free brewery!! I hope that they make a go of it and do well. One of them has celiac. Just thought I'd share. Dallas
  13. I am having issues and am just not sure what I have going on. My son was dx'ed a year ago at 2 1/2 wih Celiac. I had my gallbladder removed after baby number 3, but was having problems with it after baby number 2 and just didn't know it. I get a pain in my upper stomach area like gallbladder pain...but no gallbladder. I also alternate between D and C- this can be daily. Gas pains that make me want to jump out of my skin and I have a lot of headaches also. I have been tested for celiac and it came back negative...but it was at a local celiac support group, by an out of state dr and we got no results other than + or -. I get a crampy feeling within 30 min to an hour after I eat a gluten containing product. So I am wondering IBS or Celiac. Do they "react" they same way? Yes, I know the thing to do is to go gluten-free for a while and see how I feel. But evidently I am stupid for not doing it. Thanks for listening!! Dallas
  14. When you have been glutened...how soon do you feel its effects? TIA
  15. Jake is 2 1/2 and is in speech, for almost 2 months. The SLP has noticed that he has very limited tongue movement and poor muscle tone with his lips. He is VERY behind verbally. He tested out at around 9-18 months. He tries to say a lot and is very social...he just has a very hard time with the words. His receptive language is very good. He just seems to understand way more than he can express. He has a few favorite sounds and uses those most of the time. Other's can not understand the vast majority of what he says. The SLP said that he has a lot of sounds, he just can not coordinate them to use together. I really do not think he would be considered for PDD-NOS or Autism...but maybe that is just the mommy in me wanting him to not have it. I am just a littel overwhelmed with the thought of another child having something "major" to deal with. But then, it could definately be so much worse!! Thanks for sharing!! Dallas
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