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  1. Ennis, do you sell your recipes? Ill buy some. ?
  2. Geeze I almost forgot about the outside grill, duh. Thanks for the reminder. Ennis, good idea with the butcher paper, its cheap and easy cleanup. ?
  3. We are staying in a cabin for a week. It is fully stocked with food, spices, kitchen supplies, everything you might have in your own kitchen at home. It is only used maybe three months out of the year. I am bringing my own kitchen stuff (skillets, serving spoons, bowls etc) and of course our own food. I am wondering what else I need to do to avoid cross contamination beside not using their toaster or oven. I don't want to be sick on the only vacation we get a year. What are your best tips?
  4. Washingtonmama

    Back from ER

    Awesome you found your triggers! My niece is on the diet you mentioned. Keyto I think. I fibd the pain follows before or after abdominal rumbling and moved down as the day passed. It def hurts way down low on the left when a bm is coming. If it keeps up Ill have my doc refer me to a GI. Thanks for your input. ?
  5. Washingtonmama

    Back from ER

    I forgot to ask if you have the off and on stabbing pains with your UC.
  6. Washingtonmama

    Back from ER

    Celiac wasn't enough, your body had to throw in UC. Ugg. I will keep a good diary starting now. I never had this problem before, which is why I'm wondering if the constant expose to the cooking oil where I work is the problem. I did end up with the other symptom of being glutened, the worst migraine I've had in years.
  7. Washingtonmama

    Back from ER

    I know that feeling, racking your brain trying to figure out what you are. It can be maddening! Even worse for you that your symptoms vary. Very frustrating.
  8. I got up today feeling horrible. Super tired, no energy at all, cold, weak. Took my hubby to his appointment. I had to go to the bathroom, a normal b.m., but with blood. An hour later I got off and on stabbing pains below my ribs to my belly button. No pattern to them at all. My upper abdominal area seems very noisy, and that's usually when the pain happens. CT scan was normal. Usually when I get glutened I get a nasty migraine and diaharreah, no stabbing pains. And I have no diaharreah now. I've never had this happen. Could this be gluten? Have any if you had these issues? I did start a part time job at a little store/RV park a month ago. We fry foods there, but I'm very careful not to touch my face and change clothes as soon as I walk in the door. I glutened myself a few times when I first started, but not in the past few weeks. I've been off work for 3 days so I can't see how I've been glutened. Could it be the exposure at my job? I hope not, I love working there!
  9. LOL, that might put it into perspective if I explain it that way.
  10. We have gone gluten free, our whole house, as of a month ago. It was pretty seamless since I had been gluten-free for 5 months last year. I have found many good recipes, and my picky husband and one of my boys who is also a picky eater, even prefer many gluten-free recipes to the regular ones. My husband did see my point about the size of the gluten protein means nothing. Its a gluten protein period, that's what you are avoiding. It doesn't matter if its hiding in the scratch of your baking sheet and you can't see it. You can't see the wind, but it's still there. I hear you on the anemia. I've been anemic for several years, I just thought it as because I was getting a little older. Has your anemia gone away or do you still have problems with it?
  11. Ennis, it is made out of metal, coated with plastic I think. You have such a hard time, my heart really hurts for you. But you are such a support to those on this board, and a great teacher for those of us who are new.
  12. Thanks everyone! I think its hard for people to fully accept because they cant see the damage it does every time you get glutened. It's invisible. Im glad to know I wasnt being paranoid. I sure was when I was first diagnosed. I laugh at myself now, but its a pretty steep learning curve.
  13. I was diagnosed about a month ago. I have mild symptoms...itchy spots and diarrhea a few times, when I eat gluten. I don't seem to be very sensitive when I have eaten gluten. My daughter with Celiac has more severe symptoms. My 11-year-old with Celiac has no symptoms. My husband thinks I have gone overboard buying new pans, replacing wooden and plastic cooking utensils, etc. Last night I was trying to decide whether or not to use the mixing paddle on my Kitchen Aide. It is scratched pretty badly in some spots. I explained, again, about the gluten protein and he says a minuscule amount won't hurt. I told him your body can't distinguish the SIZE of the gluten protein, it reacts to a lot of the gluten protein or a little. If I am wrong, I will admit it and change how I am doing things. I used the paddle, ate some yummy gluten-free cookie dough, and woke up foggy headed and a mild migraine. Could be a reaction to minuscule gluten from the mixing paddle, or it could be my imagination.
  14. My daughter was recently diagnosed, and her doctor agreed, Celiac could very well be the cause for her recurrent miscarriages. She is very excited to have found the problem. Looks like you are on the way to success! Whoohoo!
  15. It sounds like you were beyond miserable. But you found the solution! or whatever reason wheat just throws your body for a loop, so avoiding it like the plague seems to be working. I know you might need for a doctor to positively diagnose you with Celiac, but maybe it just doesnt fit into a neat little box to be considered Celiac. It sounds like something 100 times worse, and maybe you will never really know exactly what it is. But you have found the solution, and Im so glad you are feeling better! Ive also heard of Lyme disease causing some of the same issues you had. Also, Ive researched the GAPS diet and know several people it has helped. Its a diet that heals leaky gut. Maybe look it up if you want.