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  1. Gluten & mental/emotional effects

    Hi Matt, Unfortunately I can completely relate to you. Please don't say as you did in your linked post that given what is going on in the world that to write about your problems is self-indulgent. Since I've been through similar to what you have, I can tell you that a ruined life is no joke, and that what you went through though intangible is real and matters. And is even harder for being intangible. I have no idea how to explain to anyone who doesn't have this problem that I feel like my life was ruined by gluten. It's ridiculous. I am 36 and also feel like basically I am just waking up in the middle of my life to find that I royally screwed it up and am starting from scratch, here for the first time. I did not have a happy childhood and basically got the double whammy of life with that and the gluten intolerance messing with my brain chemistry, I went waaayy off track in life. I've been through it all. It's not fair. But I'm here now. It's not too late for you. Watch the Tony Robbins documentary on netflix, check out the law of attraction, start in on the self help stuff. If you made it this far, the rest should be so much easier. It's not really easy though. There's so much to deal with and still so much work to be done. But it's worth it. Are you going to just give up and resign yourself after you've already been through the hardest part? Feel free to pm me (assuming that's possible on this forum) if you want to talk.
  2. I recently glutened myself and I always forget just how awful it feels but I've never seen anyone else have the same symptoms. Mine are mental/emotional. It feels chaotic, like there is static in my head, and I feel just very negative about myself or bad about myself. Hard to concentrate, and really low self-esteem. Like there is a trap door in my head I'm constantly falling down and I just am not on solid ground. I have no stomach issues & it's not exactly anxiety or depression. I guess even though I know exactly what it does to me, I want it to be validated, like someone else knows this feeling. Or even if you don't, please share any non-traditional symptoms you have experienced. I can't believe I lived most of my life this way (just got gluten free 6 months ago). It's crazy.