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  1. Oh I will get off. It’s just that with stage 3 or 4 adrenal fatigue, I need a doctor to monitor things. Does anyone of you want to chat with me via Facebook Messenger? Would like to hear more about your stories. If so, send me a private message here.
  2. Celiac has already been excluded. I had a biopsy recently and also about ten years ago. Also the standard blood test several times.
  3. Gluten free 01, I totally agree that gluten free light is not good. I sometimes have to eat every hour. This seems to be related to low cortisol and low female hormones. Maybe also other deficiencies. I don’t think going gluten free is the only solution to this problem. I am sure with the h...
  4. Victoria. Yes I got tested for Addison’s but passed. The first test I barely passed. I have had adrenal issues for a while. Adrenal fatigue, but not advanced. I always had a lot of food intolerances. But gluten was fine. Histamine and salicylates where a problem though. Mast cell activation s...
  5. Hi Matt, I was never fully glutenfree. Tried it and then got such bad hypglycemia. My blood sugar started to drop dangerously low every hour. After that I decided to take it step by step. I had only 2 slices of bread left. But still have 1,5 slices of bread left. Right now I fall asleep after...
  6. Hi Matt, So you say your hypoglycemia resolved going gluten free. In my case, it got worse trying to get off. Now my cortisol, progesterone and estrogens are low. The extreme stress from trying to cut it out of my diet offset my menstrual cycle. That leaves me with a lot of anxiety, blood sugar...
  7. Yes I eliminated high glycemic foods. Eating only small amounts of carbs. No fruits, added sugars, starchy grains. Eating lots of fibrous veggies. Eating olive oil, as I don’t seem to tolerate the saturated fats or MCT oil. Allergic to nuts and seeds unfortunately.
  8. I often get rapid heartbeat after meals that raise the blood sugar. But especially so after eating gluten, which is only once a day now. Sometimes I have days where it won’t get up or falls too fast, other days it gets and stays to high. In general, the more inflamed or stressed (usually from my c...
  9. As for the hypoglycemia, it seems, with some people it gets better after gong gluten free, with others it got worse.
  10. I exlored them. But wondering for the total of my symptoms if that all sounds very gluten like. Just feel so alone with all these weird, nasty symptoms.
  11. I already eat only non processed. Not too many ingredients, because of other intolerances. Only the reaction after eating gluten is so pronounced. Just wondering if all those weird symptoms are from gluten. Thank for th answer Ennis.
  12. Can you tell me if my symptoms can be caused by gluten intolerance? burning sensation in mouth (gums, lips) quickly rising blood sugar after eating gluten, then high heart rate I only eat gluten once a day. Later in the day, blood sugar won’t rise as much, but also goes down too m...
  13. Is it common to experience reactive hypoglycemia and anxiety after eating in the gluten withdrawal phase?