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  1. whipped potatoes

    See I find that if you whip them they get the gummy texture. I never thought about this "chef" being so stupid that he would think the texture (which I hate when in one big glop) is an indicator of it containing gluten. I did NOT use his service to say the least. However, unfortunately he isn't the only chef that has been totally clueless. One kept telling me and my mom as we walked down his buffet that we could eat this or that. When we asked what the gravy or the breading was he would say, "just all-purpose flour. I didn't add any gluten to it." OMG... he was trying to kill us apparently. About the sauce, Kareng, I had come here a week or so ago to get info about bourbon sauces. As I have seen many chain restaurants saying on their menu that their bourbon chicken, etc was gluten-free. My brain said by definition bourbon is gluten, so can't be gluten-free. However, I was surprised to read that it isn't the case. As the bourbon is distilled the gluten is filtered out of it so it actually is most likely gluten-free. I couldn't believe it. I did try it at Denny's & Applebee's last weekend. I did use my Gluten Assist that I always take if I didn't cook the food and didn't have any gut issues. Normally if I get any in my system I'm in the bathroom within 15 minutes and usually passed out from the pain and sudden evacuation of my system for hours. My mouth has been sore but I also fight thrush about all the time. So this has caused me to wonder if it is actually thrush or a "less than 20ppm" contact of gluten that has been making my mouth so sore all the time.
  2. whipped potatoes

    Can't help but post. We have laughed about it all weekend. I was contacting catering services and inquired about gluten-free options. I asked about the mashed potatoes, wanting to know if real potatoes, flakes or is anything added to them. When he said real potatoes and nothing added, I said great that is one thing I can eat. He proceeded to tell me "No, I whip my potatoes instead of beating them. This process causes them to become gluten containing." Can you believe this? So, is this guy totally nuts or since there are things that start non gluten-free and end up gluten-free (bourbon sauces, etc) is there a way for it to go in reverse? It has become a standing joke at this point but thought I'd share so we all could have a good laugh.
  3. I am on the road a bit and tried it in many cities. I have not had any problems. I do always call my order in rather than just using the online ordering so I can emphasize the seriousness of having it totally gluten-free. They can get expensive, what doesn't these days, but I LOVE that you can add any sauce, cheese and toppings that you rather than just one or two choices for gluten-free and that is it.
  4. Me+My Gluten Assist

    LOL, on "the Girl Scout in me". I'm a troop leader and YES the gluten-free cookies are safe and if they are the Toffee Tastics, I LOVE them. First year model car, agreed!! Regarding the medical records, I do the same, though this jerk still wanted to question it. I was told back in 2005 when I was dx'd my the neurology dept at the University of KY medical center that i had Celiac and confirmed with a biopsy. They had me in their dept due to neuropathy issues that they dx'd as Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuoropothy (CIDP). I have some nerves that are beyond repair as my body healed and I ended up having to apply for disability. Someone in a forum for CIDP said to get all medical records, even if you think they don't associate with it. Also, to print out as much info on the disease to take to my interview since it was an uncommon dx the workers would likely not know much about it and in most cases they will deny instead of researching to make the determination. I did that and was approved and had my first check within 3 months. I haven't seemed to have been at an ER that was able to use it (so they say) but my mom got me a medical alert bracelet that is a USB drive that ALL my medical info has been loaded into. My last 2 long road trips I ended up in the ER. Only one as GI related, CDif but still having it all onhand can be helpful when you are too sick to give history. I update it as things happen and meds change (over 30 these days, some PRN) but I also have to get IV infusions every 2 weeks for 2 days due to the CIDP and other autoimmune issues. I always travel with tons of gluten-free things but too many hotels we stay at (affordability) don't have microwaves and such to cook meals while there. Many of them are unfortunately near BFE as the shows are at parks, farms, etc that can handle anywhere from 100 to a 1000 dogs being judged along with all the grooming areas, parking and in some cases obedience, agility, luring, dock diving, etc events. Thankfully, we mainly travel to the same ones each year and the hotels have gotten to know us, we have learned what safe restaurants are there, what stores I can access and there are even some clubs now that have Celiacs in them so they are sure to have hospitality items that are gluten-free (if they offer anything to exhibitors) and when I'm working and they offer lunch to the workers. It's mainly the sweets but I at least know which places have access to microwaves, etc and if they put the croutons on the salads or on the side. Hope all goes well for you and thanks for putting the info/reminders out to everyone about keeping up with all medical records and having them available for new drs. This disease is too often identified only after other things are going haywire within our bodies. I've been to urgent cares, ER and even drs that have to ask what celiac actually is and what it does to me, UGH.
  5. Me+My Gluten Assist

    NP... I should have worded it better, as I would not eat them if KNEW they were CC but in general I knew that location is one that has some oil CC issues at times. I would rather have the Gluten Defense ones I'd been using for years but my health food store can't seem to get it straight that they are a special order for me and they put them on shelf and someone else buys them, 3 times now. So when i saw these at Wal-Mart I was like, well likely better than nothing. I'm not one to order things online so with my local health store can't seem to keep them set aside for me, i quit trying and went to these. Thanks for your concern and reminders. I remember what it was like when I was first dx'd and many things I thought I was being safe about were totally NOT safe. ie.... pulling the meat and toppings off the bun is not gluten free eating. Rather now I stand at the counter watching every movement the line cook does to keep CC at bay (and making them start over if they use a tong or spreader that touches buns on regular orders or other gluten-free offenses). I've even taken some newly dx'd friends grocery shopping to help them learn what to look for, what brands taste good and ones that don't, and to makes sure they know that even though an item was gluten-free last time they still need to read the label as it can change from batch to batch.
  6. Me+My Gluten Assist

    I will look up the article thanks for the link. I do hope my post does NOT give other celiacs the idea that they can eat glutens with these pills. I've been asked repeatedly to participate in trials for these types of pills and I have refused them all. I know the extreme damage that would be caused if I ended up with the placebo pill or even if the pills werent' working 100%. It's taken me too long to recover to where I am now to risk going backwards. You're right I should have ignored the urge for their fries and made some at home but it was one if those things where I was beat and still had tons to do that nights so drive thru was much easier than cooking before being able to finish the tasks at home (well at friends as I was puppy sitting for her while she was out of town with my daughter). So even there, things like the butter, toaster, baking pans, etc could give me CC so I opted for the lazy way to the end of that day. I was just thankful since I was there alone that they worked well enough to keep me from laying passed out in the bathroom for who knows how long.
  7. Me+My Gluten Assist

    I would never intentionally eat any glutens. I know the damage it WILL cause. I'm now disabled due to permanent nerve damage that was a result of prolonged B-12 deficiency due to undiagnosed Celiac for probably close to 30 years. I do use these pills as a buffer of sorts when eating something that has been made out of my control. Due to traveling alot with my 13 y/o to her dog show competitions I am forced to eat things I didn't prepare myself. I posted originally to put it out there that they do appear to be more than just a placebo effect since they did settle my stomach and kept me from going into a full blown "episode" which for me is vomiting, diarrhea, passing out from pain and many times GI bleeds. I recently had a new GI tell me that I might as well be taking dinosaur bone powder for all the good "those pills" will do. So I was at least glad they can help avoid a total nightmare if the CC happened. Oh and I am changing GI's since his bedside manners suck, he makes comments like about the pills AND he doubted I actually had Celiac since my blood work came back clear. I told him that is what happens after strictly staying on a gluten-free diet for 11 years and I was told I had it after my biopsy was done..... UGH I hate drs that won't believe you have some condition if they didnt' dx it themselves..... ok, sorry rant over LOL
  8. I haven't browsed here in a while so there may be other threads about this but thought I would share a recent event. I have been using "assist/defense" pills for years. I never have been brave enough to truly "test" them to see if they really would keep me from getting sick if ate glutens. I am VERY sensitive and travel alot so I have to trust that things I'm eating have been made with TLC. When my local store quit carrying the Gluten Defense that I've taken before every meal when I'm not in control of the food preparation, I tried Me+My Gluten Assist from Wal-Mart (scary in itself). I know my local Wendy's has some CC issues on their fries due to the oil overflowing between nugget and fry vats. I was really craving their fries and sent through their drive thru. I came home, took 1 Gluten Assist and began eating. Within about 15 minutes I could tell I had CC fries as my gut started to turn inside out. The package from the pills says to take one before consuming.... an additional pill may be taken if needed. We always laughed about that as if needed meant in my case that it was too late. Well, I took a second one and within 15-20 minutes my gut had settled and balanced itself out and I did not have the massive reaction that I get when I eat glutens. Having been dx'd in 2005 I've been at this a long time and do realize that I could be harming my villa even if I'm not "getting sick" but considering the FDA allows companies to label things as gluten-free if they have less than the 20ppm, I feel that the minimal CC from the fry vats can't be doing too much damage for the occasional splurge like this night. I say all this to let you know that there is some validity to the "assist" pills that can help avoid a horrid reaction from the occasional CC. I can no longer find it at Wal-Mart but CVS has been carrying it near me. It was about $12 for 30 pills. I feel it's worth the $.40 per meal to have that little bit of help when I'm not in control of my food.