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  1. I am trying to start eating healthy and was told shaakeology shakes were good but they have wheat grass. Someone told me wheat grass is safe for me to eat because the gluten is in the pod, not the stem.
  2. Nisin is a polycyclic antibacterial peptide produced by the bacterium Lactococcus lactis that is used as a food preservative. ... In the food industry, nisin is obtained from the culturing of L. lactis on natural substrates, such as milk or dextrose, and it is not chemically synthesized.
  3. I called paneraathome and they told me the food made for retail sale is made in a different location and the labels are accurate. She assured me the clam chowder was gluten free.
  4. Here are the ingredients: light cream, clam broth from concentrate, potatoes, clam meat, onions, contains 2% or less of:. corn starch, butter (cream, salt) sea salt, garlic, fish stock (pollock, salt) onion powder, nisi preparation and spice. Contains milk and shellfish. May contain crustacean shellfish. I bought from grocery store because I didn't see any gluten on label. I had for lunch yesterday and by night fall was covered in hives. What did I miss? I looked at the Panera website and on their website wheat flour is listed as an ingredient.
  5. I am the only one in my church with Celiac. Our communion wafer is the size of a quarter and is very thin. We have communion twice a month. How do I know how much gluten is in the wafer?
  6. I am trying to bake and have used Pillsbury gluten free all purpose flour and then made my own flour mixture from the Great American Cookbook. No matter what I use it crumbles. It tastes okay but when you bite a cookie, it falls apart--same with banana bread. What are you all using?
  7. While my iron and ferritin levels are now in the upper half of the normal range, vitamin b12 and folate have dropped. I was told to stop taking my iron supplement so the only thing I am taking is calcium and vitamin d. I feel I should be taking something else and not sure if a good multivitamin would work or a vitamin b12 pill and folate pill. Any suggestions? Who makes a good multivitamin.
  8. The only supplements I was taking were 325 iron, calcium, 2,000 vit. D and 500 magnesium. Since my appointment on Wednesday, the iron and magnesium are stopped. I have not been prescribed a PPI or acid reducer. My husband has hemochromatosis so I am aware of that and do not have it. My labs are: I went gluten free June 1, 2017. The changes are from only 3 months gluten free. . Sept 2017. Nov. 2016 iron. 147. 37 Ferritin . 86.1. 10.2 Calcium. 9.2. 9.1 Vit. D. 54.9. 43.7 B12. 261. 306 Folate. 3.6. 9.9
  9. After going to my doctor yesterday, he felt the doctor who performed by endoscope was premature in diagnosing celiac. My iron levels went from 30 something to 147 in 3 months of being gluten free. At the same time, my B12, folate and liver enzymes went down dramatically. I am scheduled for a liver ultrasound Friday and more blood work on other minerals. Has this happened to any one else? It seems fixing one problem led to others.
  10. Thank you all. You have confirmed with what I thought and I feel better going to my doctor on Wednesday.
  11. Well, since I don't have physical symptoms, only absorption issues, can I consume the occasional piece of pizza or dish of pasta without screwing up myself. I guess I am asking if I will harm myself if I eat gluten on occasion.
  12. Yes, iron and ferritin went up significantly. Is it possible is set some gluten?
  13. Quick back story:. I was diagnosed June 1 after having an endoscope looking for a stomach ulcer. It was totally by chance the celiac was discovered. My regular doctor prescribed the scope but did not do the test. Another doctor in the practice did it and told me I had celiac. I had my kids tested before they went back to college (both are negative) and my doctor asked my daughter why she thought she had celiac. She said because her mother had it and then he asked who told me I had celiac. He doesn't think I do. Results of the scope:. Mild chronic duodenitis with mild to moderate villus blunting compatible with changes related to celiac disease in the appropriate clinical and endoscopic setting. No dysplasia or malignancy identified. i had no physical symptoms but malabsorption issues. My iron level was 37 and ferritin was 10.2 from blood work November 2016. just got results from blood work done September. Iron level is now 147 and ferritin is 86.1. I am concluding that I do have celiac. What do you think? I go to my doctor on Wednesday, Sept. 13 to talk with him.
  14. There was no blood test for celiac because he was looking for a stomach ulcer. Celiac was not even a thought at the time. I have always been anemic but my red blood cell count was also low. I am scheduled to see the doctor in midSeptember and will have my first blood test to check on iron levels prior to that visit.
  15. I did not have a blood test. Had the scope looking for a stomach ulcer. One doctor says I have celiac and another says no. What do you think? Here are the notes from my endoscopy: Mild chronic duodenitis with mild to moderate villus blunting compatible with changes related to celiac disease in the appropriate clinical and endoscopic setting. No dysplasia or malignancy identified. Stomach Antrim biopsy:. Gastric mucosa with minimal inflammation. No dysplasia or malignancy identified.
  16. I was given a recipe called gluten free crazy cake. It looks pretty good. It says it can be frozen. Ingredients are:. 3 cups gluten free flour (1 cup brown or white rice flour, 1 cup sorghum flour and 1 cup potato starch) 1 tsp xanthan gum 3 cups warm water 2 cups sugar 1/2 cup baking cocoa 1 teaspoon salt 2 tablespoon vinegar 3/4 cup oil Mix dry ingredients. Add vinegar and water and stir. Next add oil and stir. Grease and flour pan. Bake at 375 degrees for about 40 minutes.
  17. I am so excited for my kids (ages 21 and 19). They had the blood test and it was negative for both. So happy for them. However, we know it may be dormant and can appear any time. Mine was dormant until last year.
  18. Are these safe? The ingredients are:. Whole grain oats, sugar, canola oil, rice flour, honey, salt, brown sugar syrup, baking soda, soy lecithin, natural flavor. I am new at this, but nothing says no to me. Am I wrong?
  19. Because I have celiac, my kids were tested today. I never had the blood test, went straight to the endoscope. Doctor was looking for something else and happened on a damaged small intestine. I have no physical symptoms and neither do my kids (ages 21 and 19). What am I looking for in the blood tests? Our doctor had them run the full celiac blood panel.
  20. When I was diagnosed, I told both kids they will have to be tested. They don't know it will be happening sooner rather than later.
  21. I am 7 weeks diagnosed with silent celiac. I am doing great and feel like I have a good handle on everything. What I am struggling with is my 21 year old son not understanding my diagnosis and the importance of avoiding cross contamination and why all of a sudden I can't have a Cookie, piece of cake, etc.. Since I don't have physical symptoms, he doesn't think it will hurt to have a piece of cake or something else. He doesn't yet know that I have contacted our doctor to have both my kids blood tested. Is there any advice on how to convince him the severity of following a strict gluten free diet.
  22. I am only 7 weeks gluten free and it hasn't been that bad. I am a silent celiac so I may be glutening myself without knowing it. However, it hasn't been as bad as I thought. There are a lot of foods I can eat. When I have had to eat out, I bring my own salad. At home, whatever I prepare is gluten free. A friend of mine who had breast cancer a few years back, contracted Parkinson's last year and the. Found out her cancer is back. It really put this in perspective for me. I don't have to take pills and deal with side effects, I don't have cancer. I have to watch my food intake. I can do it.
  23. I am going to a family reunion and the main food will be catered Chivetta's BBQ. From the list of ingredients, it doesn't appear the sauce contains gluten. Has anyone had it and have reactions?
  24. I have to go to a dinner at Olive Garden. I would assume the salad with no croutons would be safe but what about an entree. Do they understand gluten free or do I have to worry about cross contamination.
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