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  1. Hi I know it is very frustrating and confusing when the Anti-TTG number do not goes down. when i was diagnosed my TTG count did not go down for 1st month even after taking all precaution and then I changed few things and it came down from 90 to 1 which is a normal range. I hope this things might helps you. 1) please cut down all the processed foods and milk for next 3 months . do not consume any packed or processed food even if it is labelled Gluten free. 2) Eat lots of fruits, Vegetables and whole grains. Used Gluten free flour such as sorghum, Millet, Amaranth for making foods and breads. if possible processed the flour at home using whole grains. 3) Add potatoes, tapioca, rice to your meals to keep you stuffed for whole day. Brown rice is better than the regular one 4) Last and most important do not cheat yourself. 5) Do not use any sause and ketchup since most of them contain starch gluten in it It will be bit difficult initially and later you will get used to it. Try this for 3 months and get you blood tested.
  2. Hi Guys, I got diagnosed with celiac 3 months back when I join this forum and took advise from all of you on how to tackle it.. Before I start next para, I want to thank everyone whose blog and comments rwally helped me to takle this condition In June 2017 I was diagnosed with endoscopy and bllod report that I have celiac.. I didnt have any major symptoms apart from stomach upset for couple of days.. My IgA TTG level was as high as 80 at that time. The moment I was aware of this conditiin I went on complete gluten free diet. I stop eating out for next 2 monts and onky had food prepared at home.. Being in Indian I was not to dependednt atbhome on gluten products since mostvof induan food dont have gluten in it. But yet i took extreme precaution and in case any doubt i have avoided all the foids which may even contain trace of gluten by cross contamination. After 3 months, last week i did my blood report and to my surprise it came diwn to 1.5 from 80. It was. drastic change sobthis week I went for endoscopy and another blkod report and both reports come out be good.. No villous atripy and IgA Ttg at 1.25. I was very happy to see that but I know I have to take all this precautiin life long wgich is bit tough.. In last 3 months I didnt get any off day or any symptoms which bother me or my daily life.. I am feeling as good as before duagnosis.. The only thing change is that I keed tobplan my food a daybin advance. Thanks all for your support.. Wilk keep you updating on my future progress.
  3. It was about india. Nestle ketch up in india is not gluten free. I call the company customer care and confirmed with them
  4. Hi Jasleen, Just for your information nestle tomato sauce is not gluten free.
  5. Thanks Victoria123r for your suggestion. I have performed the blood test confirming of Celiac and even the Biopsy report suggested Villous Atropy due to gluten. From pat 2 days I have left eating the food with gluten and the burping issue is now fine. Also I had a problem of liquid stools from past week for which I showed to gastro is also over. It was not like diarrhea but once a day. I am going to met my GI on wednesday and wi;; sede what he suggest. It seems there is lots of thing which i need to learn about celiac and need to change my lifestyle and eating habits. Here in India not many people are aware of this disease(It was new for me as always) and I am having bit difficulty to explain to people. Also there are no scope for gluten free food in Grocery stores so I have to take care of my own foods. Is there anyone who lives in India, Mumbai or Bangalore. If yes, please suggest me few gluten free food shop.
  6. Today I was diagnosed by celiac disease. I just got my reports and my TTG level is as high as 80. I can only met my GI after 4 days. I am not feeling sick and neither I have any major symptoms or fatigue. I am able to do all my normal daily activity. The only thing which is different is bloating feeling in my stomach. I am very tensed after seeing my reports since I am very heavy wheat eater. I just want to know from you guys than is Celiac manageable just by removing gluten from your diet. Can some one tell me if they still get the symptoms or have other issues after going on gluten free diet. Please share your experience. Any sort of guidance is most welcome