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  1. Thank you for the advice! I am so shocked at how awful this feels... definitely almost worse than before I was diagnosed. Hopefully this only lasts a few days... not months! I'll read through the Newbie 101 thread for sure. I learned a huge lesson that I cannot be eating out until this diet...
  2. Hello! This is only my second post on this forum. My first post was introducing myself as I am a "newbie" because I was just diagnosed celiac a few weeks ago. Last night was the very first time since transitioning into a gluten-free diet that I chose to eat out at a restaurant with my family...
  3. Thank you so much! Today I prepared enough smaller meals that I could eat throughout the day while I'm at work to hopefully give my body what it's looking for and not feel completely starving. I follow up with my doctor tomorrow and I will for sure ask about checking for deficiencies. He did recommend...
  4. Thank you! Eating gluten will never feel tempting after experiencing what it is like to get it all out of my system. As dumb as it sounds, I thought those foods were going to somewhat tempt me and that this was going to be hard. But, I feel no desire whatsoever knowing how terrible this feels and...
  5. Thank you so much for the reassurance! That makes me feel a lot better and ease some of the anxiety going through this lifestyle change. It is so amazing to me how much our bodies are impacted by things they don't respond well too. Luckily I haven't discovered much of the gluten free...
  6. I was diagnosed with celiac after spending the first 23 years of my life suffering from symptoms and being misdiagnosed. FINALLY I have the answer I've been waiting for. Today marks day 7 gluten free... I must say I feel a tremendous difference in my energy level and feel like I don't need my ADHD...