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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Good to know about the Pepper.. I do not do the herbal teas.. I have a lot of allergies.. highly allergic to ragweed.. have to be careful.. Tried chamomile tea once and had a reaction. So I just do regular black tea. I like tea when I am not feeling well. When I went shopping I passed on a lot of items that just said Vinegar.. if it does not tell me what kind, I will not buy.. I do not have a problem with distilled vinegar.. just have to watch the malt vinegar.. that was in the steak sauce. Most of the convenience foods are out.. the one I miss scalloped or au gratin potatoes.. they ha
  3. Still feeling grooooovy? LOL? I just do not have that much ambition to bake.. I am more into cooking entrees like pot roasts, chicken, etc. I have been cooking bigger meals on the weekends so I have left overs. I really like the crock pot. Thinking of making some soup. Just put everything in the crock pot and let it cook all day.. of course I cheat.. i buy the frozen onions all cut up, even red and green peppers come frozen and all chopped up.. I went shopping today.. got a chuck roast and split chicken breasts. And I replaced my steak sauce.. the one I used to use had Malt vinegar.
  4. i was doing a lot better.. then I got glutened.. At first my neurological symptoms got really bad.. then yesterday I got the headache.. once I got the headache I knew what happened.. at least now I have an established pattern I can recognize. Today it's a lot better. Boy, when you do get glutened it's a lot worse than when you were eating it all the time. Wasn't really prepared for that. Do you have a bread machine or making it totally from scratch? I bought some stuff to make chicken soup.. Thinking of making a big batch in the crock pot and freezing it. Speaking of deli meats, whi
  5. Food cravings are the worst! The good part for me is that I went low carb back in 2001, and I was really strict with it for the first year.. no cheating.. I did not miss the pasta or bread.. brownies and chocolate chip cookies though, that was hard.. Especially when you can smell them cooking. So this time is easy for me.. but it's actually better, there are things I can have now I couldn't with low carb like rice and potatoes. I really like rice and potatoes. Right now I find fruit helpful too when that sweet tooth hits. I have tried a couple gluten free items, an apple pie,
  6. Thanks Mosaics.. I was not sure if it was DH... there are no blister like areas.. just big red patches.. It doesn't look like any of the pictures I have seen.. [/quote] Sounds like Dermatitis Herpetiformus, a common rash for celiacs. When you see the doc, make sure you tell him about the rash. They can actually test the rash. Before your appointment, research a little about dermatitis herpetiformus and be prepared. I've read an article about testing for the rash and I seem to remember there is a certain area of the rash that the culture is supposed to be taken from to
  7. Howdy! Your itchy skin is something I can relate too... but for longer than a month I have had a rash like area by my left armpit.. sometimes it is really itchy... put hydrocortisone on it and it stops after a while.. but there is still a "patchy" area, looks like a really big bruise sometimes.. then it turns red and starts to itch again.. You ever have anything like that? It also feels very dry.
  8. Well, it seems we do have some things in common. My appointment with the GI is due to me calling and saying I want to be tested.. the other doctors have not been able to figure it out.. I have been doing my own elimination test, and feeling so much better.. I know I should add gluten back in soon before my appointment.. thing is, I really do not want to. I do not have any problems following the diet. I did strict low carb about 7 years ago.. followed it for a couple years.. I can do without pasta and bread.. The hard part, is you cannot just open a box or a bag of something and cook it.. l
  9. No official diagnosis. Have appt with GI doc on 3/20.. until then doing elimination diet..

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