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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Good to know about the Pepper.. I do not do the herbal teas.. I have a lot of allergies.. highly allergic to ragweed.. have to be careful.. Tried chamomile tea once and had a reaction. So I just do regular black tea. I like tea when I am not feeling well. When I went shopping I passed on a lot...
  3. Still feeling grooooovy? LOL? I just do not have that much ambition to bake.. I am more into cooking entrees like pot roasts, chicken, etc. I have been cooking bigger meals on the weekends so I have left overs. I really like the crock pot. Thinking of making some soup. Just put everything in...
  4. i was doing a lot better.. then I got glutened.. At first my neurological symptoms got really bad.. then yesterday I got the headache.. once I got the headache I knew what happened.. at least now I have an established pattern I can recognize. Today it's a lot better. Boy, when you do get glutened...
  5. Food cravings are the worst! The good part for me is that I went low carb back in 2001, and I was really strict with it for the first year.. no cheating.. I did not miss the pasta or bread.. brownies and chocolate chip cookies though, that was hard.. Especially when you can smell them cooking...
  6. Thanks Mosaics.. I was not sure if it was DH... there are no blister like areas.. just big red patches.. It doesn't look like any of the pictures I have seen.. [/quote] Sounds like Dermatitis Herpetiformus, a common rash for celiacs. When you see the doc, make sure you tell him...
  7. Howdy! Your itchy skin is something I can relate too... but for longer than a month I have had a rash like area by my left armpit.. sometimes it is really itchy... put hydrocortisone on it and it stops after a while.. but there is still a "patchy" area, looks like a really big bruise...
  8. Well, it seems we do have some things in common. My appointment with the GI is due to me calling and saying I want to be tested.. the other doctors have not been able to figure it out.. I have been doing my own elimination test, and feeling so much better.. I know I should add gluten back in soon...
  9. No official diagnosis. Have appt with GI doc on 3/20.. until then doing elimination diet..