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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Thanks for the replies. I am taking a B12 complex with C.. I noticed that helps a lot, especially since I do have some minor tingling still. I do have some magnesium I can add in.. I do take armour for my thyroid too.. I might need to keep taking those. Altough it would be nice to be off all prescription drugs and just take vitamin supplements
  3. I have been on and off anti depressants for 18 years.. I have been gluten free since March 08.. I have seen many improvements over the last few months.. well.. except for the occasionally glutening by accident.. which is getting less and less.. So, I have been thinking that maybe the depressions i would have were related to the Celiacs.. it wasn't severe depression, was loss of energy, apathy, no ambition and problems sleeping.. so whenever these episodes would come the doctor would put me back on Zoloft.. Since there are side effects to Zoloft.. I have decided to wean myself off the medication.. which I have done in the past and eventually ended back on it. has anyone else done this? have you been able to stay off the medication? I would like to be medication free and hoping the depression stays away and that it was gluten causing my problems. I am in the home stretch of the withdrawal.. needed to cut the medication back slowly.. and keeping my fingers crossed Thanks Darci
  4. Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences.. see Susan it is better than a hysterectomy! I am also having my tubes tied.. figured since I had to go into an ambulatory surgery center at the hospital might as well get that done too.. both will be a relief to have it done and over with... Susan this is the procedure and method my doctor is using: http://www.novasure.com/irregular-period/e...al-ablation.cfm
  5. Hi djmom! I do not have a confirmed diagnosis of celiac but went gluten free in March.. I had hoped that one of the problems I was experiencing - abnormal periods would go away along with the rest of my symptoms.. but has not, it is the only nagging problem I have at the moment.. My periods went from 3-5 days to 7-10 days.. then spotting everyday from one period to the next.. Birth control pills made it worse. I got one shot of Depro and said no to the follow up shots.. did not like the side effects. I had 2 pelvic ultra sounds and a endrometrial biopsy.. all negative.. cannot find a cause. It is just a mystery. Since I do not plan to have anymore children they are going to do an ablation .. remove the lining of the uterus. The surgery is Friday. I will be glad to get it done and over with.. Good possibility at my age with this procedure to never have a period again! Darci
  6. I don't buy books from the bookstore.. go to amazon... and type in celiac disease.. you get a lot of options.. I got a couple books.. and not too expensive.. one book was a Celiac for Dummies!
  7. Feeling Groovy!

    Good to know about the Pepper.. I do not do the herbal teas.. I have a lot of allergies.. highly allergic to ragweed.. have to be careful.. Tried chamomile tea once and had a reaction. So I just do regular black tea. I like tea when I am not feeling well. When I went shopping I passed on a lot of items that just said Vinegar.. if it does not tell me what kind, I will not buy.. I do not have a problem with distilled vinegar.. just have to watch the malt vinegar.. that was in the steak sauce. Most of the convenience foods are out.. the one I miss scalloped or au gratin potatoes.. they have wheat in the sauce mix. I am making extras when I cook from scratch.. made a huge pot of mashed potatoes so I could have left overs.. One thing about this diet. .it is healthy! [quote name='healthygirl' date='Apr 12 2008, 09:09 PM']Yes, It is surprising the things you have to give up...check the labels on the soup stock you buy as well...you'll be amazed at how many contain wheat. The organic Imagine brand seems to be gluten free and you can also buy bullion cubes that are gluten free. I do like to cook and bake, both. I guess the things I miss are the baked items so that is what I'm gravitating towards. Made a yummy peanut satay sauce the other day (Safeway brand soy sauce is gluten free) and made a bunch of chicken satay. My left over chicken will end up on a salad. By the way, met with the nutritionist and watch the little paper packages of pepper. Apparently many of them have wheat germ in them as filler...who knew??? As well, many herbal teas have wheat in them as filler and the tea bags may contain wheat. Anyways, it is nice to know there is still lots of really good, healthy food that we can eat!!! Chat soon.[/quote]
  8. I took 3 weeks exactly from the date they received the samples. The waiting is the hard part. D
  9. Feeling Groovy!

    Still feeling grooooovy? LOL? I just do not have that much ambition to bake.. I am more into cooking entrees like pot roasts, chicken, etc. I have been cooking bigger meals on the weekends so I have left overs. I really like the crock pot. Thinking of making some soup. Just put everything in the crock pot and let it cook all day.. of course I cheat.. i buy the frozen onions all cut up, even red and green peppers come frozen and all chopped up.. I went shopping today.. got a chuck roast and split chicken breasts. And I replaced my steak sauce.. the one I used to use had Malt vinegar.. still sad over the bacon bits though.. that was a bummer to see wheat in them... Later PS.. Tater tots have wheat too!
  10. Thanks for the replies! I have gone through many rounds of testing since December.. (symptoms were going on for a long time before that) Tested for: MS Lyme Disease Heavy Metal Poisoning B12 lupus And a few others that I do not know what they are. All tests come up negative. The GI doc said I have IBS.. wants to do a colonoscopy. But I do not need it.. All those symptoms are gone now. Even though the tests for gluten are negative.. I feel better without it.. and I really see no reason to eat it at this point.
  11. I got my results from Entero Labs today: Final Laboratory Report Date: 4/10/2008 A) Gluten Sensitivity Stool and Gene Panel Complete *Best test/best value Fecal Antigliadin IgA 9 (Normal Range <10 Units) Fecal Antitissue Transglutaminase IgA 9 Units (Normal Range <10 Units) Quantitative Microscopic Fecal Fat Score <300 Units (Normal Range <300 Units) Fecal anti-casein (cow's milk) IgA antibody 7 Units (Normal Range <10 Units) HLA-DQB1 Molecular analysis, Allele 1 0201 HLA-DQB1 Molecular analysis, Allele 2 0501 Serologic equivalent: HLA-DQ 2,1 (Subtype 2,5) Interpretation of Fecal Antigliadin IgA: Intestinal antigliadin IgA antibody was below the upper limit of normal, and hence there is no direct evidence of active gluten sensitivity from this test. However, because 1 in 500 people cannot make IgA at all, and rarely, and some people can still have clinically significant reactions to a food antigen despite the lack of a significant antibody reaction (because the reactions primarily involve T cells), if you have a syndrome or symptoms known to be associated with gluten sensitivity, a gluten-free diet may help you despite a negative test. If you have no syndrome or symptoms associated with gluten sensitivity, you can follow a gluten-containing healthy diet and retest in 3-5 years; or you may opt to go gluten-free as a purely preventive measure. Interpretation of Fecal Antitissue Transglutaminase IgA: The level of intestinal IgA antibodies to the human enzyme tissue transglutaminase was below the upper limit of normal, and hence, there is no evidence of a gluten-induced autoimmune reaction. Interpretation of Quantitative Microscopic Fecal Fat Score: Provided that dietary fat is being ingested, a fecal fat score less than 300 indicates there is no malabsorbed dietary fat in stool indicating that digestion and absorption of nutrients is currently normal. Interpretation of Fecal anti-casein (cow's milk) IgA antibody: Levels of fecal IgA antibody to a food antigen greater than or equal to 10 are indicative of an immune reaction, and hence immunologic "sensitivity" to that food. For any elevated fecal antibody level, it is recommended to remove that food from your diet. Values less than 10 indicate there currently is minimal or no reaction to that food and hence, no direct evidence of food sensitivity to that specific food. However, because 1 in 500 people cannot make IgA at all, and rarely, some people can still have clinically significant reactions to a food antigen despite the lack of a significant antibody reaction (because the reactions primarily involve T cells), if you have an immune syndrome or symptoms associated with food sensitivity, it is recommended that you try a strict removal of suspect foods from your diet for up to 12 months despite a negative test. Interpretation Of HLA-DQ Testing: HLA-DQB1 gene analysis reveals that you have one of the main genes that predisposes to gluten sensitivity and celiac sprue, HLA-DQB1*0201 or HLA-DQB1*0302. Each of your offspring has a 50% chance of receiving this gene from you, and at least one of your parents passed it to you. You also have a non-celiac gene predisposing to gluten sensitivity (any DQ1, DQ2 not by HLA-DQB1*0201, or DQ3 not by HLA-DQB1*0302). Having one celiac gene and one gluten sensitive gene, means that each of your parents, and all of your children (if you have them) will possess at least one copy of a gluten sensitive gene. Having two copies also means there is an even stronger predisposition to gluten sensitivity than having one gene and the resultant immunologic gluten sensitivity or celiac disease may be more severe. So I think good possibility it is gluten sensitivity.. but I can develop Celiacs since I have the gene. What do you think? Also today.. this came in the mail from the GI office: It reads: the following are the pertinent results from your recent lab tests. (Lab Results) Laboratory results show no signs of Celiac disease. Excellent report. That is all it says, no values or what specific blood tests were used. The results correspond to the Entro labs.. I do not have the anitbodies.. but does not mean I am not gluten sensitive or may develop Celiac! I have been gluten free for 3 weeks now and feel really good.. cannot remember the last time I felt this good.
  12. I think if someone said to me.. "I would just kill myself" .. my response would be: Oh, that is really sad to want to kill yourself over a piece of cake (or insert gluten food here).. I am glad be be alive and healthy, so it does not matter to me what I cannot eat. I think it is psad people place sooo much emphasis on food. There are so many more important issues than whether or not I can have a slice of pizza.
  13. i was doing a lot better.. then I got glutened.. At first my neurological symptoms got really bad.. then yesterday I got the headache.. once I got the headache I knew what happened.. at least now I have an established pattern I can recognize. Today it's a lot better. Boy, when you do get glutened it's a lot worse than when you were eating it all the time. Wasn't really prepared for that. Do you have a bread machine or making it totally from scratch? I bought some stuff to make chicken soup.. Thinking of making a big batch in the crock pot and freezing it. Speaking of deli meats, while shopping at a local store.. I was reading the turkey breast ingredients and at the bottom it said .. gluten free! and its a store brand. whoo hooo.. Today someone at work mentioned that an upcoming task requires pizza in a joking matter.. It didn't bother me.. but I was thinking that if they offer to buy chicken wings too (for me).. I will probably have to decline.. can't be sure nothing else is fried with it.. I just do not want anyone to feel bad if I do not get anything..really does not bother me what other people are eating. So did you mark on the calendar your 1st official no gluten day so you can mark the anniversary? [quote name='healthygirl' date='Mar 27 2008, 06:11 PM'] I am through the worst of it...like the first time, the craving lasted about 1 week this time. I came home to fresh baked chocolate chip cookies (my husband makes great cookies) and had no interest in them....yeah!!! So, I have been a good 4 days or so now with no cravings and I am feeling more settled. Just getting back into the swing of what I need to buy in the way of groceries. I found a great little deli where I live that has all gluten free deli meats, and they carry a pretty decent line of gluten free items, so that got me excited! I am going to bake up the Bob's Red Mill Hearty Whole Grain Bread mix this weekend and see how that is. Hope all is well with you as well!![/quote]
  14. Food cravings are the worst! The good part for me is that I went low carb back in 2001, and I was really strict with it for the first year.. no cheating.. I did not miss the pasta or bread.. brownies and chocolate chip cookies though, that was hard.. Especially when you can smell them cooking. So this time is easy for me.. but it's actually better, there are things I can have now I couldn't with low carb like rice and potatoes. I really like rice and potatoes. Right now I find fruit helpful too when that sweet tooth hits. I have tried a couple gluten free items, an apple pie, bread and cereal... I couldn't eat them, the taste was terrible.. I would rather go without! Those items are just too expensive to take a couple bites out of it and throw it away. What I need to figure out is what else can you put peanut butter on... besides celery.. don't like celery!
  15. Thanks Mosaics.. I was not sure if it was DH... there are no blister like areas.. just big red patches.. It doesn't look like any of the pictures I have seen.. [/quote] Sounds like Dermatitis Herpetiformus, a common rash for celiacs. When you see the doc, make sure you tell him about the rash. They can actually test the rash. Before your appointment, research a little about dermatitis herpetiformus and be prepared. I've read an article about testing for the rash and I seem to remember there is a certain area of the rash that the culture is supposed to be taken from to get a correct diagnosis. I've been having problems with itchy skin since last summer. I don't have a rash, there's nothing to see, it just itches, especially on my head. The dermatologist gave me some cortisone cream for the itching around my waist area and some medicated shampoo for my head. My body has stopped itching, but the shampoo didn't work. I'm very careful about my diet so that I don't get any gluten, so I'm not sure if the itching is related. [/quote]
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