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  1. I didn't want to bring up the word Roundup because so many people are stuck in their bubble of knowledge. If you like citing medical journals that's fine, but shutting down someone who knows better isn't. I've never fallen prey to only knowing what someone else learned and it has always served me...
  2. If I accept this premise then my question is: should I not be commenting on bad reactions to gluten exposure to the skin on this blog because you say it's not gluten? I'm trying to help people with things I know from experience that are often not talked about, and even sometimes suppressed
  3. I've seen and heard that before too, but it gives no comfort to people who HAVE reactions when it's on the skin. Red pepper is spicy on the tongue, and rubbed on the skin.
  4. Charmin, for one, has gluten in the glue. We get skin reactions from tp, shampoo, and she has had reactions to lipstick that contained gluten. You can say what you want but when we avoid gluten and contamination in food we are healthy, when he use gluten products we have problems. If you look into...
  5. I can assure you that topical use can cause problems. My fiance and I have had bad reactions in sensitive areas from using toilet paper brands that use wheat in their adhesive to bond the plies together. It's in every square of tp. We have also had skin reactions to shampoo and she has had reactions...
  6. There is gluten contained in the adhesive that bonds the plies of toilet paper together with some brands. This means every square has it, and my fiance and I both have had bad reactions in sensitive areas from using those brands.
  7. Actually wheat/gluten is used in the adhesive to bond the plies (2 ply, 3 ply) together. I can tell you that my fiance and I both have bad reactions in sensitive areas from using the wrong toilet paper.